A course to teach you how to email offers? Huh?

Okay, so recently a couple of online gurus are pitching email offers.

The idea is that you will get paid to send emails for clients.


The pitch goes like this:

“Hi, you don’t know me but I want to write emails that you can send your clients. You can pay me per email and I’m sure they will make lots of money for you!”

Again, “What?”

Why would any client pay you to send emails?

This is the same challenge that the Amazon FBA gurus have.

You, as a total stranger, will take over their FBA account. Then you will write product descriptions that will generate more sales.

Even if they are busy entrepreneurs why would they let you, again a stranger, take over their account (or give you inventory which is another angle).

Maybe if you call hundreds of these folks you will get lucky.

But our students have gotten on the other side.

They know what it takes to earn readers (subscribers) and how to get them to stick.

(Without making phone calls).

Don’t be left out.

You can learn how they are doing it.

BTW – if you wanted to know how their emails that generate sales work wouldn’t you just subscribe to their list? (And see what emails they send to convince you to buy).