IT Solutions

Make Your WordPress Sites Faster

Make Your WordPress Sites up to 10x Faster In 30 Seconds With The Cache That Beats All Competitors. Slow speed is a Traffic Killer. More Than 50% of Visitors Leave. If a Site Takes 3+ Seconds To Load. Learn more.

Start Making Money Fixing Computers

Learn a skill and be your own boss in this economic recession. Fix computers for extra CASH or a primary income source. Start Making Money Fixing Computers! Learn more.

Total Computer Repair

We offer full service PC repair that makes getting your computer repaired easy and affordable! Call or stop by today. We offer free diagnosis and upfront pricing. Located at 14772 Clayton Rd. Ballwin, MO 63011 or by phone at 877-203-2963. Virus / Malware Removals Visit our website

Core Care is Apple Authorized Service Providers

Core Care is Apple Authorized Service Providers. We know how you feel about your Mac! Our expertise extends beyond desktop. Computers to handheld devices. We can perform everything from data recovery to hardware repairs on iPads, iPods, iPhones.

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We are experienced in remote technology setup & implementation. Remote IT Support for your business, 24/7. Remotely setup your employees to access office PCs/Servers from their home. Remotely move your data to the Cloud. Remotely move your business applications in the Cloud. Remotely setup Cloud Servers for your business. Everybody works remotely to access company data & apps from anywhere. Remote access is safe, secure, encrypted & requires passwords. Call us to discuss your needs 1-866-921-2666

Professional Computer Service - IT Solutions

Computer solutions, IT, and repair for your home or business. Professional and skilled in repairing, upgrades, building, networking, installation, training, troubleshooting, backup and setup of both PCs and Macs. (310) 596-2388 - Call or text now