Gray Square Meditation (Floor) Cushion

We have meditation (floor) cushions available, they can also be used as a dog bed! They are super luxe - 30" square. Selling them for $75 each, which is the wholesale price! They are brand new with tags. We can accept cash or card. We are located off 7th Street and Dunlap.

Leather Zen Yoga Chair

Meditation should be relaxing, but unwinding is much more challenging when you're uncomfortable. Alexia Meditation Seat is an ergonomic meditation cushion that lets you find your ZEN with perfect posture and comfort. Meditation Seat is carefully designed to support the lower back, ischium, knees, instep, and feet.

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The Brain Sensing Head Meditation Tracker

Muse is your personal meditation assistant: Stop guessing if you’re doing it right. Muse 2 makes meditation easy by giving you real-time feedback on your mind & body to help you recognize calm and stay in the zone. Get more here.

Meditation & Energy Healing online

Learn ways to safely channel energy into your body using a range of powerful techniques taught to you by qualified and experienced energy arts master. Paul has learnt a range of energy techniques from his travels around the world including from India, Europe, the UK and USA. Learn a unique and powerful way to enhance your energy and drive using powerful old world modalities from the ancient world. Please call 07828640375.

Virtual Yoga & Meditation Classes

You’ll be guided through your private experience by professional yoga teachers, meditation experts, and more. We partner with experts from practices throughout the world, all ready to help you recharge and relax. From advanced yoga practice to guided meditation, we have something just right for every group.
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Meditation Sound Bowl

Hand hammered by the craftsmen specializing in Meditation Yoga Singing Bowls. Well-carved symbols and vivid patterns revealed the wholehearted process. Specially hand-sewn silk cushion highlighted the quality of the singing bowl set.  Click here.

Tai Chi, Yoga, Parkinsons, Reiki, Self Defense/Martial Art Classes

We are a full service martial arts and self defense training school. 50 years teaching, licensed, insured, certified, and references can be provided unlike many other schools. Very flexible class hours, private lessons available, all age groups from 5 to 85+. These are the classes we offer of which are very affordable and can be tailored to your needs. Call (631) 428-3578.



Bella is a Certified Thai Yoga Practitioner and Lifestyle Coach with education in many holistic modalities. As a published author and illustrator of "The Vineyard, Yoga and The Miracle Food", Bella loves sharing her passion for yoga. Enjoy a beautiful ambiance at Bella's office with her original fine art. Selected art of Bella's is available to purchase and for commissions. Be your best ever with beautiful inspiration.  Call Bella today at 732-865-3333.