Are You Wasting Time Working on the Wrong Things?

If you haven’t made any ‘real’ money online yet read this and change that.

You know there are an incredible number of individuals spending time trying to ‘book a call’ and sell on the telephone.

The original ‘book a call‘ model was meant for software developers.

They used it to solicit innovation feedback.

The primary reason was that developing software is so darn expensive. Developers didn’t want to waste time going down the wrong pathway.

It was never intended to be the primary method for making sales of the product.

You don’t need to adopt the book-a-call method to get feedback on the topics that sell online. (It’s a bit like re-inventing the wheel). Several solid reference points have already done this validation.

We (PaidLetter) simply suggest that you use our unique model to avoid pitfalls and accelerate your success.

But what if you don’t want to use this coaching or consulting model?

What if you hate talking on the phone?

(Or you are smart enough not to want to waste the time).

Plus there are other problems with the coaching telephone model:

  • Age, race, and gender biases
    Even bright-eyed new software developers are dealing with these biases. Along with concerns about the size of their company.
  • English as a second language
    Individuals who have accents and struggle with English as a second language die a slow death trying to employ the telephone model.

How the Book A Call Method is Now Being Taught
High ticket coaches are now selling unwitting wannabe entrepreneurs on this method.

The way the coaches say the book a call model is supposed to work:

1) You contact prospects who may want what you have to offer. You engage them to book a call via DM on Instagram or Facebook or send cold emails.

2) You use these telephone calls to get a better idea of what your product should be. This allows you to tweak your product offering. (Many also try to sell the thing at this point).

3) You get the money upfront and set up live group coaching via Zoom or Facebook/YouTube streaming.

You get lots of money and life is groovy.

But instead, this is what happens:

1) You get the wind knocked out of you. The amount of DM and cold emailing it takes to book a few calls is demoralizing. Some coaches have suggested cold emailing 500 to 1,000 prospects a day!

2) It can take days of chasing to get one person on the phone. Then when you finally have them many will try to counter-offer what they are selling. (After all, they just got you to come to them to be pitched).

3) When you do make a sale (“hooray”) most of your new clients will eventually request what we like to call the “family emergency refund”.


Because it finally dawns on them that the thing is not working and they spent thousands of dollars that could have gone to more practical things (like paying bills).

You spend days or weeks in this futility cycle until you finally give up.
(And maybe even ask your coach for a refund).

Again this ‘lean startup‘ telephone model was created for software developers.

If you are not taking on the expense of building a team of developers and booking calls to improve the software you are wasting a tremendous amount of time.

(Your most precious resource and the one you can’t get back).

Plus, this approach (the phone calls and live coaching) limits your ability to scale.

We probably don’t need to mention the nightmare that buying paid ads on Facebook or even YouTube has become.

It is also the reason why you don’t see the “new” YouTube advertisers for very long. They have already lost a fortune on the platform and can’t afford to return.

Ponzi Scheme?
The shameful reality is that you are desperate to get someone, anyone, to pay you back the thousands of dollars you just spent (wasted?) on your high-ticket coaching.

This is the unfortunate Ponzi Scheme nature of the coaching approach to online sales.

A Better Approach
You can avoid spending months or years doing the wrong things online. When you learn the effective way to leverage the power of the internet it will be like seeing the sun for the first time.

Another huge advantage of the PaidLetter approach is that you are not gouging clients.

Your new coaching clients soon lay awake at night with buyer’s remorse brought on by:

A) The large amount of money they’ve spent.
B) The realization that they will need to sell on the phone.

Without Guilt.
PaidLetter shows you why it is not necessary to gouge clients. And it lets you look yourself in the mirror again.

Our model is simple:
200 clients (subscribers) paying you only $47/m is a six-figure income.

And it’s one that you have made on the side (part-time).

Because you are not bogged down with phone calls and chasing people this model is insanely scalable.

Plus you made this money without:

  • Paid ads (Facebook or YouTube)
  • Being on camera
  • Coaching
  • Blogging
  • Telephone selling
  • Cold or “warm” emailing
  • Physical products
  • Webinars
  • Live streams
  • Supply chain issues
  • Hassles (employees, overhead, payroll) and dangers (bad location, robberies) of brick and mortar.

A Point Worth Mentioning
The whole coaching approach was created for individuals who are looking to become entrepreneurs.

These coaches and consultants are on camera trying to build large social media followings. They want to make this their new career.

You may not even want that.

Perhaps you want an easy way to generate some additional income to pay off debt while you are stuck in your job.

Click here to get started on the easier path.

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