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Want to know how to get started earning money with AffiliateMuse.Com?

The details that will follow will help you.

These strategies will save you time and increase the money that you can earn with AffiliateMuse.

You’ll also learn the benefits of becoming an affiliate and the most important things to watch out for.

"Entrepreneur" is a tricky word for some folks. You may just want to earn enough money to catch up on bills.

Maybe your goals are set higher and you want to break that $10k a month side-income goal.

Either way, keep reading to discover how it's done.

Let's get started.

M.T. Smith
Founder/Creative Director

What Is an AffiliateMuse Member?

An affiliate is someone in a position to influence the actions of a person or company.

Muse, as used by entrepreneurs, is an inspired low-maintenance business that generates significant income and is leveraged to finance an ideal lifestyle.

Why Advertising?

Let's face it everyone who has a business, side-venture, or project needs to advertise.

Giving non-technical internet users a way to advertise online is a welcomed relief. Other options have become complicated and very expensive.

You get to "Promote Others and Prosper!" around your schedule.

As an affiliate, you bring new customers into the AffiliateMuse advertising system and get paid.

Another advantage of being a member is that you won't waste time doing any of the following:

- creating websites
- being on camera
- shipping products
- setting up a channel
- writing a book
- starting a blog
- selling on sites
- taking surveys
- freelancing
- downloading apps
- podcasting
- driving strangers around

As the number of Members increases more buyers will see the advertising from your referral. This will drive more customers through our system. And since these advertisers came through your link they may also decide to become members.

This is an exciting benefit.

Because they came into the advertising system through your link when they become a Monthly, Yearly, or Lifetime Member you also earn the commission.

Another Benefit of Your Membership...

 Your Ad On the Site for One Year or the Lifetime of Your Membership!

Yes. As an AffiliateMuse.Com paid Yearly or Lifetime member, you get to place a 12-month ad on the site. 

Yearly members get a classified ad for an entire year. 

Lifetime members can choose to have a lifetime classified or banner ad.

This is an amazing value and alone worth the cost of your Yearly or Lifetime membership!

Recurring Income

AffiliateMuse.Com has a recurring income feature. When you refer a Monthy, Yearly, or Lifetime Member, you earn a commission.

But one of the best benefits is that when any one of those new members also refers a new member you receive a 2nd Tier commission. Note: this is NOT network marketing (MLM).

A good example is a typical Silicon Valley sales manager arrangement. Managers earn a commission when one of their reps makes a sale. It's also known as an 'override commission' and is quite common.

Your Income Streams

Let's look at  your AffiliateMuse income streams again:

1) You get paid for referring a new Monthly, Yearly, or Lifetime Membership.
2) You get paid when these new members refer others.
3) You get paid when someone purchases advertising on AffiliateMuse.Com using your affiliate link.

How To Become an Affiliate

Method #1: 
Sign up directly from the site by clicking this link.

Method #2:                                                                                                                                                         

Sign up for a 14-day trial of AffiliateMuse (if you haven’t already).

What do you get from promoting AffiliateMuse?...

- Do I get Recurring Revenue?
When you get someone to purchase their membership you earn a commission. And you also get paid a commission on the FREE 14-Day Trial if they stay past the trial period.

- How does AffiliateMuse know that you made the referral?
We use the tracking software (that you register with) to know where your new Member and/or the advertising sale came from.

Second Tier Income
AffiliateMuse.Com program pays you a residual income on memberships that you refer. You receive a direct commission when you refer Monthly, Yearly, or Lifetime membership sales. And you also receive the following residual (second-tier) commissions when the members you referred refer other members.

Second Tier Income
$5.00 on each Monthly membership sale.
$25.00 on each Yearly membership sale.
$100.00 on each Lifetime membership sale.

Everyone you refer must use your personalized affiliate link.

Note: You also earn these commissions when you signup for the 14-Day Free Trial.

Here Are Your Next Steps:

1) Choose a Membership.

2) Register in System (You get a link once you join).

3) After joining email your classified ad or banner/business card ad (

After registering, you will receive access to your personalized link to start immediately.

CLICK HERE to get more information.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

These are the most common questions asked by new members. Feel free to send your question too (

1) What is THE A.M. SYSTEM?
 THE A.M. SYSTEM is only available to Lifetime AffiliateMuse.Com members. It's an automated lead generation system and a powerful incentive to use in recruiting new members. Refer just two Lifetime Members and you have made back the entire cost of your Lifetime Membership!  
See the details here.

2) Why would anyone pay money to place ads on when there are free sites online?
Much of business involves agreements. You can pick flowers on the side of the road, yet we pay for them from floral shops. This question opens the discussion about value, convenience, and packaging. Our site offers a clean, organized platform for advertising. Other sites are very complicated to use (like Facebook and Google's Adwords platform). Sites like Craigslist are junky and unattractive. As our affiliates drive traffic to the site, AffiliateMuse.Com becomes a unique asset. Affiliates get to help promote business owners and create new income streams that improve their lives.

3) Can I place an ad on the site without being an AffiliateMuse.Com member?
Yes! Simply go to the 
order page and select the ad duration that you want. Increase the length of time your ad runs on our site and receive deeper discounts.

4) Do I get a 12-month Ad with my *14-Day Trial?
You only get a 12-month ad with your Yearly or Lifetime Membership. With the 14-Day free trial you will receive $10.00 from any Monthly, Yearly, or Lifetime membership referral. Plus you also receive standard commissions from any ad.

*The 14-Day Free Trial is only for monthly memberships. But remember that the exciting part of becoming a monthly member is that you still receive commissions on new Monthly, Yearly, and Lifetime membership referrals! Plus you earn second-tier override income. This is true financial leverage and passive income that you are creating. (After your trial is over you also get the Single Operated Newsletter).

5) What is the refund policy?
Please read the Terms and Conditions for refund and payout policies located here.

6) Can I screenshot a business card and submit that for my ad?

Yes! Simply order your desired banner ad option and email a screenshot, and your member number (given when you register in the system) to:

7) What are the Partner Sites? is a division of It also contains the catalog of other products that you can refer to earn even more income.

8) What are the Terms and Conditions?
The Terms and Conditions are located here.

9) Do I get the S.O.N. with my 14-Day Free Trial?
Yes! After your trial period is over you get the
Single Operated Newsletter (S.O.N.) subscription.

10) Can I upgrade to a higher Membership Level?
Yes. You can start at any level and upgrade when you want. Your previous membership will be deactivated when you order the next level.

11) How can I get support?
Send any questions you have to (you will receive an answer within 12 - 24 hours). You can also call (410) 234-2004.

12) Will I still earn commissions if I quit?
If you join as a Lifetime Member, you will continue to receive direct commissions and overrides even if you are not actively promoting. But if you have a Yearly Membership, your commissions will stop after a year if you decide not to renew. And if you are a Monthly Member, you must remain "active" (paying your monthly membership) to continue receiving commissions.

13) Do I have to install anything?
No! There are no software downloads or uploads. Everything is in the cloud. Just register, get your affiliate link, and share it with others.

14) Can I accept advertiser payments and send in the money?
No! This is grounds for IMMEDIATE TERMINATION all sales must go through the AffiliateMuse.Com or our catalog site because this is how we track your sales and commissions. There are no exceptions to this rule.

15) Can I cancel?
Yes. Simply send an email ( with "CANCEL" in the subject line and your Registration/Membership number and you will be taken out of the system. NOTE: There are no refunds on membership sales.