With Facebook and YouTube ads it's easy to feel like you are simply wasting time and money!

That's because these platforms require and enormous amount of money to gain traction.

You need thousands of dollars right at the beginning to make them work!

(No matter what the gurus say otherwise).

You need a predictable flow of new business.

How would you like to get this new business income for FREE?

Yep, without paying any money for it.

And unlike many new lead sources, you will have complete control over this process.

(Without any unexpected fees).

Getting Clients to Call YOU!
Our program doesn't require you to speak with clients to earn income.

However, if you have a business that does require you to speak with clients this same system will 100 percent work!

How You Will Win!
Your competitors have been "convinced" that Facebook Ads and YouTube videos are the only way to go.

But they will spend so much money that eventually these platforms will cause them to go broke.

This is why, with rare exceptions, you don't see the same people pitching on the YouTube 'skip' ads a few weeks later.

Because they ran out of money!

With this system, you will be able to keep more of the money you earn!

Plus, you will have a 100% measurable way to generate new business.

Just keep reading below...

New Report Reveals...

How to Make Full-Time Income Part-Time Without Using Expensive Facebook or Google Ads Even If You Are New to Internet Marketing!

The Cool Cash from Cold Email Shocking Secrets! Report
How to Make Thousands A Month, Part-Time, Using Free Emails.

You are probably reading these words because you want more from life!

- More money at the end of the month.
- More time with your loved ones.
- More leisure time.
- More wonderful memories.
- More Freedom and Happiness!

But you may be feeling stuck.

It's easy to feel that way when it comes to making money online.

When it comes to earning income on the internet things are confusing, expensive, and worst of all distracting!

You look up from a rabbit hole visit and it's 2 hours later.

But even that wouldn't be so bad if you felt some kind of momentum with your online efforts.

Stay with me...

What if you could actually earn enough money each week, part-time, to give you some breathing room?

More importantly.

What if you could generate this income without:

- creating websites
- being on camera
- shipping products
- set up a channel
- writing a book
- starting a blog
- selling on sites
- taking surveys
- freelancing
- downloading apps
- podcasting
- driving strangers around

Seriously, imagine it.

You can get money coming in that will pay off overdue debt and let you enjoy some of the new things you want.

Maybe a new car?

Experience that long overdue vacation or even move into a larger house!

Your Big Breakthrough!

Here's the point that many are missing when it comes to marketing online.

Most of the methods being taught are trying to get someone to "opt-in" to a list.

It's True...

- Facebook
- Webinars
- Google Ads

All want you to run ads to get people to give you their email addresses.

An ENORMOUS amount of time and money is spent trying to achieve this outcome. And here's the ironic part...

...you are still only HALF way there!

The ad or webinar is only the FIRST half!

The would-be buyer of your product or service still needs to enter their email address.

And many times they are entering bogus emails just to get to the webinar or 'freebie' you are offering.

It's kind of funny.

Right now there are billions of bogus email addresses floating around in cyberspace.

When you are spending money using these methods it is a horrible waste!

So Let's Change That!

The Cool Cash from Cold Email Shocking Secrets! report will show you how to take your message to willing recipients who want it.

(And we will even reveal how to get these email addresses for FREE)

Much of the back and forth time-wasting efforts being taught are targeted to a B2C (Business to Consumer) marketplace.

Because AffiliateMuse targets B2B (Business to Business) you are offering a service that every business needs.

Look at these numbers:

In 2020, the number of small businesses in the US reached 31.7 million!

This also represents sustained growth as it marked a 3.15 percent increase from the previous year and a growth of 7.09 percent over the three years from 2017 to 2020.

You may be surprised because we were hit with the pandemic in 2020 right?

But according to NPR...

The latest business formation number is out:

- People started over 440 thousand businesses in June 2021.

- The sixteen-month period from March 2020 to June 2021 marks a record high for business startups.

- More people are starting businesses each day.

And because of that, they need advertising!

Offering a Viable Option
The rising cost of Facebook and Google ads is causing business owners to seek other options.

AffiliateMuse is a good option because affiliates send traffic to the site each hour!


- the costs are reasonable.

- the site is streamlined and organized.

- and advertisers like the idea of helping affiliates.

(Many of whom are moms, retirees, and college students).

Is Cold Email Better than Paid Ads?


Especially in the beginning. Here's why:

1) It's FREE!

2) In the beginning, you probably won't have the hundreds to thousands of dollars required to gain real traction on Google AdWords or with Facebook ads.

3) Ads on Facebook and Google have a "life cycle". This means that they wear out!

But you can fire up cold emails anytime you want.

Well, not anytime!

Because you will learn exactly what time to send them based on results from thousands of data points.

Help Others!
Do you have a family member, or know someone, with a B2B business?

Then what you will learn here will make you their new favorite person.

(Don't be surprised if they even want to throw cash at you).

Make Money While Watching TV!
I know that the hard-core gurus try to get you to give up Netflix, and movie watching.

They say that your focus on growing a business should be single-minded.

But cold emailing just may be the perfect activity for watching TV.

It's like making money while watching your favorite shows and movies!

However, we do suggest getting a second computer monitor.

On monitor one, you will be sending cold emails and making money while monitor two will make the process even more enjoyable!

Cool Cash from Cold Email Shocking Secrets!

What is revealed in the Cool Cash from Cold Email Shocking Secrets! is a game-changer.

How This Report Will Change You (and Your Finances)!

You will discover why Email outperforms every other marketing channel!

You read it right.

Email, when done correctly, delivers millions of dollars more than any other channel.

Alarming Report from McKinsey
McKinsey & Company is a management consulting firm, founded in 1926 by University of Chicago professor James O. McKinsey, that advises on strategic management to corporations, governments, and other organizations.

Revenue: 10.5 billion USD (2019)
Number of employees: 30,000 (2019)

According to a study by McKinsey and Company, for every dollar you put into email marketing you get back forty dollars more than you would through Facebook, Instagram, and almost every other marketing channel.

Forty times more revenue!

And according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), for every $1 marketers spend on email, the average ROI is $44.

Now you are beginning to see why YOU should use email!

Note: when you run an ad on Facebook or Google it has a finite window. But with these secrets, you can send an email when you want without the costs!

Here's What's In Store for You:

- You won't need to buy bulk emailers and sorting software. (Most of this email goes in the spam folder. Something you want to avoid).

- You will get inside information.
Although tons of money is being spent on social media, data reveals that 42% of businesses have listed email marketing as the top digital marketing channel for lead generation.

- You will discover how to avoid spam and promotional folders with your messages to get the highest inbox deliverability rate!

- Learn how to increase your sender score.

- How to avoid the one thing contained in your emails that kills its deliverability.

- How to maximize the 80/20 rule to get the most production done.

- You will get the proven email templates (and subject lines) that actually get read.

- The one strategy that will double your email response! (Worth the cost of this report all by itself).

- The 2 elements that make your emails the most engaging.

- Learn how long your subject line and body copy should be to get opened and read based on thousands of tests!

(Imagine the time you will save).

- Which days have been proven to be the best for the highest email response rate.

Wait, We're Just Getting Started!

- The List - learn where to get the most responsive prospects to send your emails (for FREE!).

- How to outsmart Gmail's filters! (Very valuable information).

- Understanding IP addresses and best practices.

- When to NEVER send emails.

- You will learn the single most important element to get anybody to open your emails (nope, not the subject line!).

- How to create loyal readers of your emails.

- Winning Templates and Formulas.

- Get around prescreening by your readers.

- The anatomy of high converting emails!

- The best way to test your emails before sending them.

...And much much more!

No Ugly Sales Calls!
Plus you will be generating this new income without making those uncomfortable "How does that make you feel?" sales calls that the gurus teach. 

Just the thought of those calls makes your skin crawl. (Yuk!)

You also get to avoid all of that wasted time playing 'phone tag'!

This can add up to hours of lost time (and thousands of dollars in lost revenue if you are paying others to do the calls).

You Also Get The Rest Of The Powerful Income Generating Benefits That Your Yearly Membership Offers!

- $10.00 from any Monthly membership referral.
- $50.00 from any Yearly membership referral.
- $100.00 from any Lifetime membership referral.
- 14-Day Fast Start Guide ($19.99 Value)
- Single Operated Newsletter Subscription ($97.00 Value)
- The Membership STACK! (Priceless!)
- One classified ad for an entire year ($1,200.00 Value!)

And, Of Course, Your Second-Tier Earnings:
All Members receive the following Second-Tier income from any of their member's referrals:
$5.00 on each Monthly membership sale.
$25.00 on each Yearly membership sale.
$100.00 on each Lifetime membership sale.

Yep, it's an amazing deal.

An Incredible Value at Only 97 Dollars!
But YOU won't pay 97 dollars for the Cool Cash from Cold Email Shocking Secrets! report.


Because it is included with your Yearly or Lifetime Membership!

If when you return to this page you discover that the Cool Cash from Cold Email Shocking Secrets! report isn't available don't be disappointed. The Yearly or Lifetime memberships are still an amazing return on your investment!

Bottom Line...

The Cool Cash from Cold Email Shocking Secrets! report may leave the Yearly Membership Premiums at any time!

Final Note For Procrastinators
Another advantage of the Yearly Membership is that you pay less money than the Monthly Membership.

And it's only a one-time payment.

Listen, I Get It!

Life happens and things come up.

Maybe you can't take advantage of the Yearly Membership this minute.

Remember, you can always start with the 14-Day Free Trial get busy referring ad sales, and then come back and get the yearly membership.


The Cool Cash from Cold Email Shocking Secrets! report may no longer be available.

(Of course, that would be a drag).

Either way, it's your choice...

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Your Second-Tier Income...

All Members Receive Second Tier Income from any of their member's referrals:

$5.00 on each Monthly membership sale.

$25.00 on each Yearly membership sale.

$100.00 on each Lifetime membership sale.

Yep, it's an amazing deal.