Jeff Bezos and Digital Wealth!


There is a reason that Jeff Bezos was first included on the Forbes World’s Billionaires list in 1999. Now the richest person in the world Jeff has shown us the power of building a digital empire!

That is also the reason more people are discovering the advantages of running their own curated (digital) single operated newsletter every day.

Plus you can run one without investing thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When you stack it up against the alternatives it seems the smartest choice. Read this list and see if you agree.

Compare a single operated newsletter against the most popular options:

Single Operated Newsletter Versus Coaching

Let’s start with the fact that not everyone is coachable!

The typical coaching funnel is:
1) ad (Facebook or YouTube)
2) that delivers a webinar
3) which tries to book a call.

Good luck!

Then there is the enormous time spent chasing clients. And even if you hire some high-ticket sales guys you must train them. But they tend to be an impatient breed and if what you are offering isn’t hitting the sweet spot (not selling fast enough) it can be physically and mentally draining.

We review a popular coaching program here. Most of the program’s highest earners are tied to the health field and have patients. Plus the schooling required puts it out of reach for most new online earners.

Single Operated Newsletter Versus Dropshipping
This is presented as: “Just set up a site (Shopify or other) and watch the sales come pouring in…” Well, not quite. There’s this little thing called a refund. It is a logistical nightmare to return items, and get the money when you are a middleman (middle person). Add to this the fact that you rarely see the items and have no control over quality. You are putting your reputation in the hands of a third party. Not such a great idea.

Single Operated Newsletter Versus Software

This is such a popular topic that we wrote an entire article.

Read the full comparison here.

  • You must have the money to hire a good programmer.
  • You must trust the programmer not to steal your software idea!
  • Coding, testing, configuration, and documentation can become expensive.
  • You must spend enormous amounts of money marketing the software.

Single Operated Newsletter Versus Real Estate
Real estate is a game for entrepreneurs with deep pockets. The guys and gals online making good money with real estate is usually front or backending some digital product.

Most newbies buying and selling (or holding) real estate will deal with the following:

  • COVID-19 has changed many things in this sector and made things more challenging.
  • Your best (affordable) deals will be in the worst part of town (crime, drugs, etc.)
  • Everchanging real estate laws.
  • Cost of closing deals.
  • High transaction costs.
  • Requires an enormous amount of time.
  • Maintenance and management costs.
  • Down markets.
  • Collecting rent and tenants skipping!

Single Operated Newsletter Versus AirBNB
Right now everyone is promoting AirBNB as the greatest thing since sliced bread. And, yes, there is a push to convince landlords to let you sublease their properties. This allows you to avoid the cost of buying those properties yourself. The first point is that the people who are making the ‘real’ money with this current craze have digital products they are selling (books, courses, and online seminars). Add to that the following:

  • You may live in an area not attractive enough for Airbnb properties.
  • You will need to set up an LLC.
  • Become familiar with Airbnb fees.
  • Additional insurance fees.
  • You must become familiar with STR laws.
  • You must learn to sell landlords on the concept (usually face to face).
  • You are dealing with a business that is (and will continue to be) significantly impacted by COVID

Single Operated Newsletter Versus Food Truck
The movie CHEF starring Jon Favreau made the food truck business look sexy and glamourous. But there are some issues worth considering:

  • Challenging mobile vending laws.
  • Need for parking permits.
  • Health codes.
  • Rules about distances from other businesses.
  • Needing a commissary for food preparation.
  • Insurance costs and challenges.
  • Fire codes.
  • Rival food trucks.
  • Inventory shortages.

Single Operated Newsletter Versus Car Wash Service
Car washes are often seasonal and weather can impact their profits. Consecutive weeks of rainy weather can mean a sharp reduction in business. One of the greatest disadvantages to owning a car wash is the complexity of this type of business and how expensive it can be to repair specialized car wash equipment when pieces break. And a car wash in a good location can cost a bundle!

Single Operated Newsletter Versus Selling Products from Overseas
Anyone following the Peleton story knows the heartache of dealing with overseas manufacturers. A shortlist of challenges includes:

  • Poor Quality.
  • Low Labor Content.
  • High Transportation Costs.
  • Extended Supply Chain.
  • Lack of Control.
  • Increased Time-to-Market.
  • Loss of Intellectual Property (Theft!).

Single Operated Newsletter Versus Fitness Trainer
Thanks to COVID many fitness trainers were getting paid on “the fat of the land”. But there are many challenges as a fitness trainer:

  • Getting your Personal Training Business Started.
  • Keeping Your Fitness Business Steady.
  • Avoiding Burnout.
  • Keeping Clients Motivated.
  • Difficult Clients.
  • Legal Protection.
  • Behavioral Change.

Single Operated Newsletter Versus FBA
If you were one of the entrepreneurs early to Amazon FBA who got a chance to enjoy some hefty profits you know that things have changed. Once you could buy inexpensive products overseas, private label them and sell them on Amazon for a profit. Now the same manufacturers that you bought products from (to mark up) are allowed to sell directly on Amazon FBA. Add to that the following challenges:

  • Cashflow. Amazon pays third-party sellers every two weeks.
  • Excessive Competition.
  • Price Wars (“race to the bottom”).
  • Product Reviews and Seller Feedback.
  • Changing Sales Tax Laws.
  • Customer Returns.
  • Category Restrictions.
  • Inconsistent Communication from Amazon.

Single Operated Newsletter Versus Crypto
There’s a potential for fraud and theft. While some cryptocurrencies are legitimate, there is also the potential for fraud and theft. It’s bad enough that the Securities and Exchange Commission regularly issues investor alerts about fraud surrounding cryptos. Challenges posed by the crypto ecosystem include operational and financial integrity risks from crypto asset providers, investor protection risks for crypto-assets and DeFi, and inadequate reserves and disclosure for some stablecoins.

Single Operated Newsletter Versus Graphic Designer
If you love doing graphic design it can be rewarding and fun. But let’s face it dealing with demanding clients can be a disadvantage (they always want more for less). Add to that:

  • Creative Burnout.
  • Defending Your Work.
  • Missing a Deadline.
  • Lack of Creative Control.

Single Operated Newsletter Versus Social Media (or Marketing) Agency
Unfortunately with a large number of agencies in the marketplace, there is often not enough demand for your services. Other issues include:

  • Identifying the right platform.
  • Understanding the target audience.
  • Declining organic reach and engagement rates.
  • Increasing ad cost.
  • Being undersold by competitors.

Single Operated Newsletter Versus Brick and Mortar Businesses
Due to the growing consumer demand for convenience, online shopping is dominating the retail market. According to Sleeknote, “the number one reason people shop online is that they can shop 24/7.” Add to that:

  • Rent. Leasing commercial space is among the largest expenses offline business owners pay.
  • Employee Costs. Offline businesses need employees to perform the functions of the company.
  • Startup and Overhead Costs.
  • Locale Limitations.

Digital Newsletters
A huge advantage of digital newsletters is that there is no limit to the types of products you can make. Adding new digital newsletters requires very little expense. This is not the case with physical products.

Digital newsletters can be scaled far quicker than physical products and without the need to invest in additional storage space (or staff) to deal with the growth. You eliminate time-consuming stock management and shipping calculations. With a digital newsletter, all you have to do is click send.

One-Person Deep Income
Learn how you can start your own 6 to 7 figure paid newsletter immediately on the side. Then it can eventually generate full-time income while you still work on it during part-time hours.

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