Now You Can Have the Job Replacing System that Generates a 

Six to Seven Figure Income From Home Without Paid Ads

and Run it All By Yourself!

Overcome these Obstacles:

  • Lack of knowledge or technical skills in order to start earning income online.
  • The rising costs to promote what you offer on sites like Facebook, YouTube, or Google.
  • Feeling like you are wasting time in your current online (or offline) business pursuit.

Our Students Prove that Our System is What Makes the FTC Different

Our Proprietary System lets you create this new income  without any telephone time! That means you won't need to spend hours chasing unmotivated prospects.


(Or spend money hiring others to do it for you).

This alone will save you time, frustration, and many thousands of dollars!

Why is a Single Operated Newsletter the new way to create financial freedom online?

Here are the 3 Keys to New Online Wealth:

1- Create a following. Our FTC students are doing it without becoming social media influencers. (Plus most are doing it anonymously).

2- Control the platform! Today this is more important than ever before. It must be a platform that you control (that eliminates YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and yes, even TikTok).

3- Create your own payment button. Students love the fact that their money comes directly to them!

The CENTS Model
The C.E.N.T.S. model lets our students create a new income source and avoid the typical online challenges.

C - Control - FTC students have learned that true financial freedom comes from controlling every aspect of the product. And nothing lets them do it better than  a digital product. You can't win online without eliminating the "race to the bottom" pricing. This means physical products are not your best option.

E - Entry - or more properly put: "create a barrier to entry". This is sometimes called a moat. Our students create an asset that makes it difficult for competitors to steal market share from them. Their subscriber base is that moat. It allows them to build and profit in stealth mode - since their PaidLetter products are sent privately via email!

N - Need - Our students can curate content that readers eagerly pay to access. They now understand that the most lucrative paid content shows their readers (subscribers) how to increase income. And the more income their readers earn the more our students get to charge. Period.

T - Time - FTC students can separate labor (their time) from the money they earn. FTC shows them how to create passive income streams that flow around the clock.

Scale - Some students once dealt with physical products. But FTC revealed the huge downside of this model. The complexity of importing, warehousing, and shipping is time and cash-flow-consuming. They now understand that it is much easier to scale with a S.O.N. (single operated newsletter). They now can grow from hundreds to thousands of subscribers very quickly! 

The Paidletter Fortune Training Course is Becoming the Key to Their Financial Freedom

Financial freedom means having enough savings, financial investments, and cash on hand to afford the kind of life you desire for yourself and loved ones after all bills have been paid. 

This is the only way to experience true Freedom.

How the Paidletter Fortune Training Course is changing our students' lives.

1) They are learning how a Single Operated Newsletter, can change income status faster than other methods they've tried.

2) They know how to find eager subscribers and get them to reward their efforts with monthly cash flow.

3) Our Proprietary System allows them to run a business from anywhere in the world. And generate tremendous financial leverage starting part-time.

At first, some students thought people wouldn't pay a recurring fee (subscription).

But they hadn't thought about typical subscription behavior:

- buy a cup of coffee

($4x5 = $20wk x 4wks = $80/m x 12m = $960/yr)

- get hair styled (or nails done)

($50/m x 12m = $600/yr)

- purchase a lunch 

($7x5 = $35wk x 4wks = $140/m x 12m = $1,680/yr)

Now the fact that most people participate in this behavior regularly never even crosses their minds.


Because they truly value the service or item mentioned above.

In most of these cases, the money they are paying for these services far exceeds the modest amount our students are charging for their paidletter product.

They have learned that providing real value online isn't different at all.

It's even easier and much more lucrative.

The real secret is having a value proposition that works.

Our students are not dealing with physical products (brick and mortar) or the costs associated with them.

Students have learned to shift their perspective and teach their subscribers how to do the same.

You already know the benefits of earning income with digital products but here’s a quick refresher:

  • Lowest overhead costs.
  • Can be accessed globally.
  • Profit margins are irresistible.
  • Delivered immediately!
  • Never out of stock.
  • Unlimited product types.
  • Easy to manage, sell, and deliver.

Students agree that the game changer and the real value of the FTC is our Proprietary System

They have learned how to increase subscribers without using paid advertising!

Their New Life!

FTC students are now plugging into a Job Replacing System that Operates 7 Days A Week - 365 Days A Year.

Even When they Are Not There!

They are providing curated content to eager subscribers willing to pay for it. The modest fee ($10 to $50) they charge is growing healthy a healthy subscriber base of engaged monthly subscribers.

They are finally able to start living the life of their dreams with the money they need to enjoy it.

The Amazing Power of Paying Your Subscribers!

New students weren't aware of the immense income bump available from paying referring subscribers!

Many online businesses ask for hundreds to thousands of dollars from their customers.

In this economy folks are watching their wallets.

Students are learning that when you are willing to share your bounty the subscriber numbers escalate very quickly.

Even a $25/month Single Operated Newsletter with only 200 subscribers earns you $60,000.00 dollars a year.

Remember you are doing this on a part-time basis.

Imagine what happens if you go full-time!

If only 20 of those existing subscribers refer one new reader you have given yourself a $6,000 dollar raise!

And what happens when these new referred subscribers learn that they can also be compensated for sharing your offering?

Remember this, subscribers that you pay for referrals remain loyal and...Stay!

Our students now understand the financial power of a Single Operated Newsletter.

Students learn how to run a S.O.N. business from anywhere on the planet (with internet access).

The Price of Staying Where You Are!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. But doing that won't change your life or the stack of bills on your table.

Aren't you finally ready to finally change your life?

Here's What You Get

MODULE #1: Finding Your PaidLetter Idea
You will discover how to determine the best Single Operated Newsletter to create based on your current situation. It will be one that fits your schedule, current budget, and passion!

MODULE #2: Paidletter Conversion Secrets
You will learn the secret to why your soon-to-be subscribers will pay for content when there is tons of FREE information online. Here we reveal exactly what earns you the money.

MODULE #3: Non-Technical Wealth Delivery Systems
Here are the non-technical money delivery systems that will fuel your new enterprise. What you should, and should not, be doing for the maximum income generation.

MODULE #4: Starting and Scaling 
You will learn the fastest way to start and scale your paid newsletter. But not the traditional way that many online gurus teach. Plus, you are earning this new income in complete privacy.

FTC Proprietary System!

Our students have realized that the real value of the Fortune Training Course is our Proprietary System that no other company can offer! 

This is where we give you access to our mechanism for generating your first 200 paying subscribers at lightspeed! 

And you will make this freedom lifestyle income without paid ads, or wasting hours of your life on social media sites. 

The PaidLetter.Com approach to income creation without expensive Facebook ads alone is worth every penny you will pay for the course.

How Their Lifestyle Has Changed...

  • They Have Been Transformed! They now have created a S.O.N. for a hot lucrative niche.
  • Generate Subscribers Effortlessly. Built a subscriber base with loyal readers eagerly looking forward to each new issue they release.
  • They Have A Truly Remote Laptop Business. Earningmodest monthly fee ($10 to $50) from each subscriber and are regaining financial control of their lives.


We understand that as you go through the course you may have questions. That's why we provide 24/7 email support to answer your questions.

Our Coaching Option:

We can also address specific issues you may have and tell you precisely the best course of action to take. Because our coaching is via email you will save the many hundreds of dollars that in-person coaching costs.

Note: You will always get customer support. But this coaching option is only available when you order during the next 30-minute window. Your order is time-stamped so don't miss your coaching option and discount.


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What Makes PaidLetter.Com Different
Remember, other newsletter platforms only give you the mechanics for sending out a paid newsletter.

But only PaidLetter.Com specializes in the psychology of converting readers into subscribers and will let you access our Proprietary System that makes getting your first 200 subscribers a breeze.

(And 200 subscribers paying only $47 a month is a six-figure income (that you have made on the side). 

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