In an interview, author MJ DeMarco ("The Millionaire Fastlane") was asked if he was starting over again what would he do? What was his answer? He would start a software company! If you don't know software coding or have pockets deep enough to hire a coder, this is the next best thing:

​I​s This Better Than Owning 

A Software Company?

COVID-19 Has Made "The Paidletter Fortune Training Course" to Earning A Full-time Income More Important Than Ever!

Before you start this comprehensive 4-week course understand you will:

  • ​Manage a 6 to 7 figure business from anywhere ​with an internet connection.
  • ​Never need to speak to anyone (no "discovery" phone calls). ​
  • ​​Run this business without ​brick and mortar expenses or employees!

Our Proven Process is What Makes PaidLetter.Com Different!

The process that make​s us different is that you will ​create this new income  without phone time! That means you won't need to make phone calls or hire telephone ​ reps who spend countless hours chasing customers who don't buy.

This will save you time, frustration, and many thousands of dollars!

​Why is the approach better than owing a software company?

Software coding becomes more complicated each year along with the costs of hiring coders. Hardware technology improves quickly, making ever-more complex software necessary.  Languages, libraries, and frameworks go out of fashion quickly.

Now learn why offers you a better path to your six or seven-figure income.

MJ DeMarco recommends the C.E.N.T.S. approach:

C - Control - to create the true financial freedom desired you must control the "product". You can't win online without a brand that can sidestep the "race to the bottom" pricing.

E - Entry - or more properly put: "create a barrier to entry". This is sometimes called a moat. You must have an asset that makes it difficult for competitors to steal market share from you. Your subscriber base is that moat. You build and profit from it in stealth mode - since your PaidLetter products are sent privately via email!

N - Need - You must create the content that your readers will eagerly pay to access. In other words, you must address a real need in the marketplace. During this pandemic, more individuals are looking for a way to earn income than at any time in history!

T - Time - You must be able to separate labor (your time) from the money earned. The approach shows you how to create a passive income stream that flows around the clock.

S - Scale - Many physical product entrepreneurs are learning hard lessons about the complexity of importing, warehousing, and shipping. And the high costs associated with them. Your subscribers can grow to thousands or tens of thousands very quickly. ​

​Even one-thousand subscribers at $10/month will kick you into the 6-figure income bracket. This puts a 7-figure income well within your reach.

All you need to learn is how to do it​​...what your subscribers want, and will pay you a modest sum to access!

How the Method Will Unlock Your Financial Freedom...

Financial freedom means having enough savings, financial investments, and cash on hand to afford the kind of life you desire for you and loved ones after all bills have been paid. 

How the Paidletter Fortune Training Course will deliver ​your new financial freedom lifestyle​:

1) It will remove the smog from your brain and make crystal clear why the internet, specifically digital e-commerce, is changing the planet and will multiply your income faster than anything else!

There are too many voices and images assaulting your daily online usage. This noise has made it difficult to see the internet for what it truly is: the most powerful wealth creation vehicle in the history of ​mankind!

2) It will reveal the method to find your highest paying clients and get them to eagerly reward you with monthly cash flow. This new income will quickly accelerate to a 6 or 7 figure business that you can run from anywhere. And this is the beauty; it will be a part-time business. This gives you the money and time to do the things you have always dreamed of doing. Even though you still currently believe most people hate making monthly payments (subscriptions) for online products or services.

Let me linger on this point for a second. 

Each month (and in some cases each day!) you engage in the following "subscription" behavior:

- buy a cup of coffee
- get your hair styled (or cut)
- purchase a quick lunch or dinner

Now the fact that you are doing this on a regular (subscription) basis never even crosses your mind!


Because you truly value the service or item mentioned above.

In most of these cases, the money you are paying for these services far exceeds the modest amount you will be getting for your PaidLetter digital offering. 

You will learn that providing real value online isn't different at all. In fact, it's even easier and much more lucrative. Remember, you are not dealing with physical products (brick and mortar) or the costs associated with them.

The Paidletter Fortune Training Course will shift your perspective and teach you how to do the same for your subscribers​.

3) But here is the game changer and the real value of ​The Paidletter Fortune Training Course. You will learn how to increase subscribers to your PaidLetter digital product without using social media or Facebook! Yes, this sounds like heresy until you discover the brilliance of our proven approach.

You Need "The Business" That Can Operate 7 Days A Week - 365 Days A Year - Even When YOU Are Not There!

If you have never made money from home or don't understand how selling online works this course is for you.

Many of the current online "sales funnel" systems ultimately end with you (or someone you hire) on the telephone "hard selling".

This labor approach is losing momentum and the high costs of lead resources (like Facebook advertising) is becoming too expensive. Instead, you will learn the automated approach to generating ​subscribers.

PaidLetter, in our context, refers to any

written digital product with the sole purpose

​of generating income.

These digital products include, but are not limited to:

- Subscription newsletters
- Conversion emails
- White papers
- Manuals
- Reference materials
- Guides
- Reports

You may be surprised to learn that many of these PaidLetter enterprises are only one-person deep. Yes. One person can run a 6 to 7 figure business without payrolls, equipment expenses, or physical products.

During your 4 week training, you will learn how to run a PaidLetter business from anywhere on the planet (with internet access).

You will also learn just how lucrative this business is. The top Paidletter publishers earn more than $100 million in annual revenues!

But even you, as a one-person company, can generate up to 7 figures in revenue with customer-centered products and highly effective marketing.

Your Paidletter publishing business is a terrific, high profit moonlighting enterprise. Just investing a couple of hours a day can yield a tremendous return.

If you chose the newsletter model one thousand subscribers at only $10/month is a six-figure income.

Imagine if you charged more than a modest $10/month or when you get several thousand subscribers.

Even 500 subscribers paying $10/month ​would give you a ​$60k ​side hustle income!

Your 4 Week Paidletter Fortune Training Course will cover:

MODULE #1: Finding Your PaidLetter Idea
- How to come up with your best idea.
- The Power of Passion in your marketing.
- Learn the process to convert an idea to income.
- The reason digital content is the future of e-commerce.
- How to attract the right ​subscribers without phone calls! (You will be amazed at how much time and frustration this will ​remove from your life).

MODULE #2: Paidletter Conversion Secrets
- The sales letter that converted 60% of readers into subscribers.
- Which content sells in the toughest most skeptical market ever!
- Why subscribers pay for content that can be found for FREE!
- The Value Strategies that differentiate your offering.
- How to earn a king's ransom with Paidletters in different hot niches!
- Discover traffic strategies that you can “install” that will continue to drive new subscribers.
- Learning the advertising options that let you avoid wasting money on Facebook, Instagram, or Adwords alone is worth the price of this course! (And, nope, it's not social media either!)

MODULE #3: Non-Technical Wealth Delivery Systems
- How to avoid the technology traps that cause online marketers to fail!
- What you should, and should not, ​be doing for the maximum income generation.
- Getting ready to launch your Paidletter service.
- The fastest way to update content, keeping it fresh, without driving yourself crazy.

MODULE #4: Launching and Scaling Your Paidletter
- Learn how to avoid common subscriber attrition mistakes.
- Choosing the right price for your offering.
- Learn what it takes to walk away from your job!
- The best "tools" to use for your Paidletter delivery and income generation.
- Pressing the Green Light and starting the cash to flow.
- Setting up your systems to work remotely.
- The Power of Transformation and using it with your ​subscribers.

What The Paidletter Fortune Training Course Also Covers:
​- How the pandemic will help to create your new wealthier lifestyle.
- How your new remote business system lets you enjoy freedom anywhere!
- Earn a 6 to 7 figure part-time income without telephone time.
- How to rewire bad habits and develop your "Wealth Talisman".
- Which PaidLetter programs generate the highest income (the fastest).
- Why digital e-commerce is the future of the greatest wealth creation.
- Why your PaidLetter subscribers will eagerly pay monthly for your content.
- How to truly create the elusive passive income cashflow stream.

What ​Makes The Course ​Worth Every Penny!
- Unlimited digital income without Facebook ads or social media (the PaidLetter.Com proven unique method).
- The real secret to high conversion digital income offers.
- Determining your ​best subscribers and where to find them.
- The magic of scaling your income using the PaidLetter.Com method.
- Turning your value-driven process into a gold mine.
- Profiting from real automated systems that deliver endless cash flow.
- ​Simplifying metrics and enjoying the luxury of more time.
- Data proven copywriting.
- Using and understanding the power of simplified search.
- Tapping into the largest traffic resources available without social media!

The PaidLetter.Com approach to income creation without social media and Facebook hassles alone is worth every penny you will pay for the course.

When you complete the ​The Paidletter Fortune Training Course​ you will...

​Create A Niche PaidLetter Around a Topic You Love!
Build your subscriber base with loyal readers looking forward to each PaidLetter that you release.

They will pay a modest fee each month and earn you a 6 to 7 figure lifestyle.

​​​​How Has Your Life Changed?

  • You Have Been Transformed! You now have a Paidletter business that will transform your finances and those of your subscribers.
  • You Generate ​Subscribers Effortlessly. You have cost-effective resources for ​growing a subscription base that will free you from the Facebook ​and social media grind.​
  • ​You Have A Truly Remote Laptop Business. You have the freedom, and ability, to work anywhere ​with a laptop and choose the hours that suit you best.

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What is a Freedom Lifestyle ​Truly Worth?

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Share it just 10 times a month and earn $24,000.00 dollars on​ the side.

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