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Sophia Knight gives 100%. I never fail a client. Sophia helps your love problem no matter how severe. Tired of lonely days/nights? Lost your lover/spouse? (310) 204-3773

A+ Cleaning...Teachers that Clean

20 years House Cleaning Business has an opening for a seasonal and/or year round home or business to clean. We are very particular and can do "ALL YOUR HOMEWORK"! References available. iacountryfolk@gmail.com

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Psychic Readings

My name is Paris and I'm a 4th generation psychic reader and healer. I specialize in all aspects of life, such as health, wellness, finance, career, relationships, love, family, past, present, future, and much more! I also do other procedures such as energy cleansings, general energy work, chakra work, crystal healing, reiki work, spells (premade and custom), and candle work. I've grown up and trained around professional psychics, and have helped people all around the world achieve clarity, happiness, and abundance. Call, text, or DM me today.

Instagram: @readingsbyparis
Twitter: @readingsbyparis

ISO Place to Rent for Winter

Couple is in search of a place to rent for the winter. We have been enjoying summers at the lake camping for 37 years and are nearing retirement. Would like to enjoy ice fishing and other winter activities at the lake for long weekends. hbrpman@yahoo.com

Bikini Wearing 60 Year Old...

Looks Better Now Than She Did at 30. Discover Her 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret That Revives Your Sluggish Metabolism. She how she does it...