New Single Operated Newsletter Video Crash Course Review

If you have been thinking about starting a paid newsletter this video training will help…

With the Great Resignation and all of the employment problems from last year, people are looking for income solutions.

Thanks to the improvements in digital technology, Jane and John Average can now create income on demand.

A new popular way to do this is through what is known as a single operated newsletter. It’s a business that’s one person deep!

The new video course from PaidLetter shows anyone how simple it is to do.

A large section of the video covers in-demand information and which newsletters can deliver the most profit.

At $500 dollars the regular 4-week course may be out of reach for most side business owner wannabes.

But at $20.00 dollars this is a great way to discover what it takes to make one work. You can even get a sample of their paid newsletter without needing a credit card.

You may believes that people don’t like to pay a monthly fee (subscription) for anything!

Each month (and in some cases every day) you probably engage in the following “subscription” behavior:

– buy a cup of coffee
– get your hair styled (or cut)
– purchase a quick lunch or dinner

Now the fact that you are doing this on a regular (subscription) basis never even crosses your mind! It’s not an issue.

You can watch a video and get details here.