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Million Dollar Triggers That Get Your Customers to BUY!

​​​How to Get A Steady Flow Of Customers Buying Your *High-Income Product Without Telephone Sales or Expensive Social Media Ads...

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*High-income with this method means producing a curated digital product that each person pays a modest amount to receive yet nets you a 6 to 7 figure yearly income.

​The Old Model:
You worked for a company in a job that had little advancement. Other people (your boss, manager, etc.) defined who you are and how much you earned.

The New Model:
You start with a side business (while working the job) that is self-sustained and transition to it full-time. You do this without financial stress or changing your current schedule.

The recent shift in the physical marketplace (global pandemic) has made generating multiple streams of income imperative!

​What does this mean to you?

You must obtain the ability to generate cash at will.

​​You will learn how to generate income online using the 3 wealth niches that will ALWAYS generate income:


(You will also discover the 2 brand new wealth niches that few online marketers are leveraging).

BILLIONS of dollars have been made from these niches for more than 100 years!

But until you know the skills to get your customers to want your product (i.e. make a purchase) you ​are destined to wallow in the web's wasteland!

Learn how your finances, and lifestyle, will change when you discover how to convert feelings into behavior (take the action you want).

Guru is a Sanskrit term for a "teacher, guide, expert, or master" of certain knowledge or field.

Unfortunately, many online marketers have given this word a negative image. But what you about to learn will bring back the truer meaning by guiding you into a better life of prosperity and happiness!

These weekly ​Secret Guru Reports will give you the valuable insights that let you make money in ways you never thought possible!

​Each week you will learn a new secret to immediate online cash creation.

You understand the impact of having a  product that delivers $2,000, $5,000, $10,000 or MORE into your bank account each month will have on your life.

More importantly, you will learn how to do this consistently which will make the money 100% predictable.

Here's a partial list of what you will learn each week from these Secret Guru Reports:

- Discover who your "most lucrative" client is and learn the triggers that get them to purchase immediately!

- We reveal where they are located and how to find them without wasting money on Facebook ads.

-  How to slice through the noise in their brains and set yourself apart from any competition for the dollars that are rightfully yours!

- The secret behind getting the most traffic possible for the lowest out of pocket cost!

- What makes our STEALTH approach to growing your customer base and income so unique.

- The forgotten income hidden on the BACK-END of any good offer and how to leverage it to the hilt! (You have NEVER seen our unique spin on this approach before).

- Why affiliates will go bonkers and almost beg to promote your offering to their lists!

Free Webinar Software!

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Today everyone knows the benefits of a webinar.

And with many entrepreneurs offering high-ticket products and services they are more important than ever.

What is a Webinar?
A webinar is an online event involving a virtual audience receiving informative or educational content from a speaker (or panel of speakers). Webinars are often confused with 'web conferences, which is a discussion or meeting between multiple people using conferencing software.

A webinar allows a speaker from the hosting organization/company to share PowerPoint presentations, videos, web pages, or other multimedia content with audiences that can be located anywhere. Webinars typically have audio and visual components.

Types of Webinars
    Webinar for product demos
    Training or onboarding webinar
    Lead nurturing webinar
    Thought leadership or innovation webinar

Benefits of A Webinar:

Breakthrough the clutter
Webinars help you stand apart from competitors just using static websites.


Webinars can be cost-effective. (Keep reading to learn how to do them for FREE).

Collect data and collaborate
The feedback from your attendees can help improve your product or service.

Deliver valuable instruction
They are a good way to deliver lessons to your team.

You become the Expert
Because you are hosting the webinar it puts you in a leadership position.

A very effective way to build your brand.
Webinar presentations are compelling, entertaining, and brand-boosting.

Maximize your time
Since webinars can be automated you can make sales around the clock while sleeping or working on other projects (or a 9 to 5 job).

Global training and recruiting tool
Webinars can be accessed, like a website, globally. This eliminates time zones as an obstacle.

Keeps your audience engaged
The audience follows your presentation in real-time

The automatic lead generation tool!
Your webinar can do its work around the clock. Since attendees are prepared to spend their time following your presentation, they are qualifying themselves as leads.

Best way to convert new customers
According to statistics, the best webinars can generate conversion rate averages of 19%. On top of that, 51% of people who discover your webinar's landing page will convert on the initial sign-up. Then approximately 36% of those people will attend.

Convenient for your customer
Your customer doesn't need to leave home to benefit from the training offered in your webinar.

Affordable - without travel expenses
Unlike a physical conference or seminar your prospects and learn, and enjoy, your training from the comfort of home.

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