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The good thing about research is that it lets you leverage the brainpower of scientists who spend lifetimes honing their craft.

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Traditional approaches to converting readers into customers are lulling them to sleep!

Even bonuses, discounts, and extra "stuff" only go so far.

With the help of successful Single Operated Newsletter creators are discovering breakthroughs.

The old assumptions:

- If you made a logical argument for why your product or service was better it would clinch the sale.

- When you hit the customer's "hot button" (emotional trigger) that would do the trick if the logical approach didn't.

- Then stick in a discount and higher conversions were guaranteed!

This is no longer the case.

And, unfortunately, 90% of the sales funnel that you skip over are employing these strategies.

Want to get several hundred subscribers to pay a modest $25 to $50 dollars a month for your offering?

(Even on the low side $25 x 12 months = $300 x 200 subscribers is $60,000.00. And since you will start doing this on the side this is part-time income.)

What do you need to know to generate conversions to absolutely change your financial lifestyle?

- How to use defiance at the conflict decision point (where your customer decides if your offer is worth their hard-earned money).

- The recently discovered 'alpha status' component of the brain almost forces them to buy.

- How to eliminate the tension zone that is in all sales offers (written or otherwise).

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