Single Operated Newsletter – Jessica Sipos and Hallmark Romance Movies


Single Operated Newsletter – Jessica Sipos and Hallmark Romance Movies

Okay, I’ll admit to watching Hallmark Romance movies. This is the time of the year (Thanksgiving/Christmas/Holiday season) that they rule.

I work with several monitors and usually have a movie running on mute because it helps with the monotony of writing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love writing and the freedom lifestyle that it affords me. But it’s nice to have something to look at now and then to give your eyes a break.

It was during one of those breaks that the very lovely Jessica Sipos caught my eye. I caught her in the Hallmark romance movie Mistletoe Magic. She played the character “Harper”.

The premise was straight forward enough:

When Harper realizes that she accidentally donated her family’s beloved magic mistletoe to a charity, she enlists the help of the thrift store owner and old friend Luke to help her retrieve it.

Now it’s easy to get caught up in the beautiful people acting in the Hallmark romance movies.

But several very enticing and compelling components could easily be missed as you are watching them.

First, there is usually an entrepreneur as one of the leading characters.

Second, the character very often has a financial challenge they are dealing with.

Third, the financial resolution and romantic fulfillment happen at the end sealed with a kiss!

Now, what could be more romantic than entrepreneurship!

Many people fantasize about leaving dead-end jobs to find the freedom lifestyle that ‘being your own boss’ can offer you.

Though not always glamorous most entrepreneurs will tell you that they wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Single Operated Newsletters are the newest pathway that is allowing regular folks a method to create this financial independence.

More about that later.

But there’s more to the Jessica Sipos and Hallmark Romance Movie story.

After becoming enamored with Ms. Sipos’ Harper portrayal
in Mistletoe Magic I was curious to see where else she could be found.

So, like many more viewers, I did a Google search for her online.

The horde of viewers participating in global pandemic binge-watching is setting new records.

According to Forbes:

“Netflix said in July that it added 26 million subscribers during the first half of the year (10 million in the first quarter and nearly 16 million in the second) as homebound consumers facing government-mandated quarantine orders turned to the streaming giant–and away from movie theaters and live shows–for entertainment.”

Actors as Hyperlinks
Hyperlink – a link from a hypertext file or document to another location or file, typically activated by clicking on a highlighted word or image on the screen.

After searching for other roles she had played I discovered that she was in the TV series (funny how we still use the TV reference) Chesapeake Shores.

Here’s the big takeaway (for all of the PaidLetter subscribers), I originally saw Jessica Sipos in Mistletoe Magic for FREE on YouTube.  Plus, I had watched some of Chesapeake Shores for FREE when Netflix had it last year. (But it was before Jessica Sipos joined the series).

Sidebar: Living in Maryland I was attracted to the title of the show. It also featured shots of Baltimore and Washington DC in the storyline. Here’s a big spoiler; the show is filmed in Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada. Which is a long way from the shores of Chesapeake Maryland. (And to digress even further I plan to visit it soon because the scenery is truly breathtaking).

My Google search revealed that Chesapeake Shores, and Jessica Sipos, were available on Prime for $7.99 per season!

Forget the cost, I wanted to see that lovely face again!

“M.T. how many seasons did you purchase?” you ask.

Let’s just say that I purchased more than one season.

Remember, I had already seen the show for FREE when Netflix aired it!

(That last remark was put in BOLD for you skeptics who don’t believe that people will pay for content (subscriptions))

And I am willing to bet that after reading this article some of you will be tempted to at least find Mistletoe Magic and the lovely Ms. Jessica Sipos on YouTube (for FREE) too.

(BTW- Jessica Sipos can now be seen in her newest project Ascension.)

The Death of Movie Theaters
Sadly, I believe that due to this pandemic we are all witnessing the death of movie theaters. If we are being honest streaming services had plunged the first dagger a few years ago.

I also believe that Amazon has introduced a new model for online movie watching with Prime Movies. Which, by the way, has also been mirrored by Disney+ with the recent release of Mulan at a cost of 30 dollars to view.

Now if you think about it $30 is not a lot of money for a kid’s movie given the fact that parents will huddle the neighbor’s kids into the same viewing. Three parents sharing the cost makes it cheaper than a movie theater with the added safety and comfort of home (and ability to pause for bathroom breaks).

PaidLetter.Com and Single Operated Newsletters
My team and I have been evangelizing the benefits of the Single Operated Newsletter for more than a year.

The freedom that Single Operated Newsletters offer the new online entrepreneur is unparalleled!

Why is a Single Operated Newsletter the new way to create financial freedom online?

1 – You can create a subscription base without needing to become a social media influencer.

2 – You control the platform something you can not do with YouTube, Facebook, and yes, even Instagram.

3 – You can get paid directly for the content provided to your readers/subscribers. This also eliminates the possibility of getting knocked off the big social media platforms.

Many people, often older, are still having trouble believing and accepting that a person of average intelligence can generate a salary on their own through a Single Operated Newsletter.

This is where PaidLetter comes in with their CENTS model.

What is the CENTS model?

Popularized by MJ DeMarco, writer of “The Millionaire Fastlane,” the C.E.N.T.S. approach to entrepreneurship means:

C – Control – to create the true financial freedom you must control the “product”.

E – Entry – or more properly put: “create a barrier to entry”. This is sometimes called a moat!

N – Need – You must create the content that your readers will eagerly pay to access.

T – Time – As Tim Ferriss so aptly described in The 4-Hour Workweek you must find a muse that will allow you to separate your time from your income (again, where PaidLetter.Com is invaluable).

S – Scale – Many physical product entrepreneurs are learning hard lessons about the complexity of importing, warehousing, and shipping. And the high costs associated with them.

One of the biggest advantages of a Single Operated Newsletter is that you can start working on it now, even if you are stuck in a job, or struggling to meet financial demands with your current income.

If you made it to this point there is some interest.

This wonderful country that we live in has provided too many resources for anyone of average intelligence to struggle for a living. And the amazing financial resources of the World Wide Web are only a click away. I hope that you choose to take control of this powerful magic and design the life that you want.

Stay Healthy and Enjoy Your Life!

M.T. Smith
Creative Director

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