The Cost of Some MMO Programs Currently Being Promoted

Bait and Switch?
We have been saying this for quite some time. Most of the programs advertised and seen in ads on YouTube operate the same way. It doesn’t matter what they are pitching in the ad. Their real money is made from the digital course or product that they are selling you. After all if the thing that they are promoting was making so much money why would they reveal their secrets in a course? Recently two very popular online gurus who were running Marketing Agencies have now turned their focus to teaching you how to run an agency through their course!

Here is a shortlist that we will update from time to time:

Tai Lopez – Affiliate Ecommerce Store Program – Tai wants you to partner with him. He gives you a cut and paste formula and will handle the rest (of course this means he is trying to compete with Amazon – good luck). You will also need to handle the refunds on the physical products you sell. This means that you will need to arrange to get the product from the customer and back to Mas Group to get the refund. The shipping and handling fees are on you. Cost for the program is $97 a month.

AC Hampton Supreme Ecom Blueprint
This is a dropshipping program. The advertising costs are severe to attempt this. Plus there’s the refund issue. It is a logistical nightmare to return items, and get the money when you are a middleman. Add to this the fact that you rarely see the items and have no control over quality. You are putting your reputation in the hands of a third party. Not such a great idea. The course starts at $500 then you will need to invest at least $500 more in ads and tools to get your eCommerce/Shopify store up and running.

Wealthy Affiliate
This program provides members with affiliate marketing training, marketing tools (websites, hosting, research tools), and live help. You will learn how to build a niche website. Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification course contains 50 step-by-step lessons where you can learn how to: A) choose your niche, B) build a website; C) attract visitors, and D) earn revenue. Unfortunately, the training can be a bit overwhelming and parts of the training are outdated. The program is $49 a month.

Kindle Publishing For Beginners
It teaches you how to publish a book on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). You will need to monetize your book on a very crowded Amazon platform. That will mean advertising; Facebook groups, influencer marketing, Amazon ads, or whatever else. The course is $2,997.

Surplus Fund founder Spencer J. Vann
Spencer Vann is a co-founder and CEO of which helps people across the country recover billions of dollars from the remainder of the sales of their foreclosed houses through surplus funds training and consultancy. The work is intense and each state will have different fees associated with the filing. The course is $1997.

Sophie Howard New KDP Training
Sophie Howard is the living proof of what we (PaidLetter.Com) have been saying for a long time. The real money to be made today is online. Sophie once sold physical products (Teas, and such) on Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). But soon she discovered the challenges of selling physical products. Sophie Howard’s KDP course costs $2,485. Then you will need to spend over a thousand dollars a month on getting your eBooks created by outsourcers. (Ironically Sophie Howard’s Blue Sky Amazon course, was teaching how to sell physical products on Amazon, guess sales of that course must have slumped).

Ravi Abuvala – Remote Integrator Masterclass
Ravi Abuvala’s “scaling with systems” business is built on sales funnels, online ads, and phone closers. You will be required to book calls and his program is $12,000. He is now focusing on The Remote Integrator program. The regular price of The Remote Integrator Masterclass is nine hundred and ninety-seven dollars. But for a “limited time,” it’s yours for just a single payment of thirty-nine dollars and ninety-seven cents. You will be required to send out cold and warm emails daily – lots of them.

Laundromat Millionaire
Dave Menz’s program gives you an honest review of the ups and downs of the laundromat business. Many laundromats turn into a suffocating job. It can be easy to neglect when the laundromat that doesn’t make much money. Dave’s Laundromat Millionaire Elevate course is a thousand dollars.

Exotic Car Rental Academy
Ethan Duran has a business that shows you how to rent out luxury cars (like Lamborghinis and Ferraris). The cost is $1,500 for the academy and $1,500 for the mentorship. Services like Turo already do this plus you will have ECRA costs.

Certified Advertising Geneius Academy
Billy Gene teaches you how to make money using Facebook, and other, online advertising. His YouTube channel was down for a while. It’s back up but different now. Cost? With a median time to complete of 4 months the cost to attend is $1,500.

Jeff Baxter Coaching
Jeff helps local business owners get more inbound phone calls by setting up simple Facebook ads in thirty minutes or less. Once he has a paying client, he’ll set up a basic Facebook ad. Stock image, headline, some body copy, target a twenty-five-mile radius of their city. The price of Jeff’s course is $497 if you order during the call you booked. This price is before the mentoring package upsell. But you will be required to send out 1,400 email messages a month with hopes of closing 1%.

Entre Institute
Jeff Lerner’s program is about making money online. He calls it digital real estate. He currently has a 5-Day Dream Business Challenge and a Facebook group. To enroll it costs $175 One-Time/yearly or $67 per month.

Wholesale Ted
Sarah Chrisp has a popular YouTube Channel where she talks about popular online money-making trends. There she promotes her Ecomm Clubhouse. The Ecomm Clubhouse videos are $67 a month

MCA Consultant
Oguz “Oz” Konar sells a course that teaches you how to start your own alternative lending business using other people’s money. He has a BLB Masterclass. There are currently two payment methods available. The first option is to pay the whole sum of $2,197 all at once, or you may divide it into three equal payments of $845 for three consecutive months. If you choose the second option, you will pay a total of $2,535.

ERA Credit Services
Dale Guiducci has a credit repair and coaching business. He offers to help people rebuild their finances. To grow your credit repair business he advises you to go out in the field and meet people in credit-related industries like real estate, mortgage, the solar industry, etc. As he says: “Yes, it’s manual work. Yes, you’ll have to leave your house.” His cost is a one-time fee of $297 and then $99/month.

Commission Hero
Robby Blanchard’s program teaches how to promote ClickBank products with Facebook ads. (Unfortunately, Facebook tends to band accounts promoting affiliate programs – sorry). Commission Hero is one payment of $997 or two payments of $597.

Passive Product Flipping
Tom Wang’s FBA Masterclass teaches you how to make money with Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program. He uses a webinar to get you enrolled. The cost is $6,997.

Remote Sales Academy
Cole Gordon teaches you how to do telephone selling for business owners looking for clients. He says that all you need to be a remote closer is a smartphone and a little three-by-five index card with Cole’s secret script. The cost for his course is $8,400.

Publishing Life
Twin brothers Rasmus and Christian Mikkelsen teach you how to make money publishing audiobooks on Amazon. Rasmus and Christian sell a course called Audiobook Income Academy (AIA) on their PublishingLife website. Cost is $2,000. Or you can break it up into three installments of eight hundred dollars, spaced thirty days apart.

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