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Wooden Walking Stick

Each lightweight walking staff is free-formed with a single piece of willow to create a durable wood cane. Smooth grooves along the upper portion of the hiking stick created a comfortable, non-slip grip.

Stylish Support for Walking: Providing greater stability on any surface, this wooden walking stick is a stylish and looks great while walking or hiking.

Crafted from Natural Wood: Designed to withstand years of use, each lightweight hiking stick is crafted from a single piece of hard willow wood. Each wood cane is also coated with a clear finish for added durability and weatherproof protection.

Extended length is 55 inches.

Easy Grip, Decorative Handle: Creating a comfortable, nonslip grip, the top section of the wooden walking stick features smooth grooves. The cane handle also includes a leather wrist strap to prevent the walking stick from falling.

Large, Nonslip Cane Tip: This wooden walking stick is capped with a rubber cane tip to provide traction on smooth surfaces and protect hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring.

You are in good hands with our Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionists. Their backgrounds include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Medical Weight Loss
- Clinical Weight Loss
- Recipe Development
- Personalized Nutrition Plans

Your weekly assessments will provide the highest quality recommendations that can deliver the fastest weight loss results. You will get advice based on varied eating preferences:

- Traditional
- Vegetarian
- Vegan
- Mediterranean
- The Ketogenic
- Macros
- Carnivore
- Paleo

Additional consultations can involve the following areas:

- Performing health assessments
- Discussing short- and long-term goals and helping set realistic expectations
- Developing diet plans to meet health, nutritional, and weight goals
- Helping you understand which foods will provide the nutrients you need
- Supplying menus, recipes, and meal-planning support to support individual needs
- Monitoring you over time and keeping track of your progress
- Supporting and motivating you while improving your fitness lifestyle
- Adjusting your nutritional plans as needed

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