Cynthia’s Question

Now and then one of our students will ask a question that gives us cause for pause.

In this case, the student asked the question before taking the course.

Here’s Cynthia’s question:

“I recently saw a YouTube video that made the argument for offering an expensive product, like $5,000 dollars, to achieve success faster. How do you feel about this approach?”

Once students start learning how to offer digital products many do “the thing”.

You know, they take a million dollars and divide it by 365 to determine how much money they would need to make each day to hit one million dollars.

(To save you the calculator time it’s $2,739 a day).

And, yes, every other YouTube ‘skip’ video tells you how easy it is to become a “millionaire” with what they are pitching.

Think about that.

They are on video (a YouTube ad) telling you that the thing that they “are doing” will make you a million dollars.

Why would they do that?

Really think about it.

If the thing that they are pitching (real estate, crypto, TED talks, Airbnb, laundromats, etc.) is making them so much money why share it?

In other words, if they were making so much money from it why waste time trying to tell you about it?

Here’s the answer.

The ‘real’ way to make money online is with a digital product.

In the case of the person in the YouTube commercial that product is typically a digital course “about the thing” that they are pitching.

Let’s get back to the million-dollar question for a second.

How would Cynthia, a complete novice, sell anyone a $3,000 product?

And, wouldn’t it be difficult to do every day?

So what I explained to Cynthia is that:

1) It’s impossible to go from zero to three thousand dollars a day without a massive following or becoming a well-known authority.

2) It would take spending thousands of dollars a day (on YouTube, Facebook, Google, etc.) to even try to gain this status with paid ads.

3) But you, like our students, can make a solid income, part-time, by using the method that we teach.

To discover that method and why Cynthia decided to sign up click here.