What It Takes to Make Real Money Online as a Solo Entrepreneur in Today’s Marketplace


The 2 Lessons That You May Wish You Learned Earlier in Life…


Lesson #1

This is an ancient story. Five blind men are holding on to an elephant. One is holding his trunk, one is holding a tusk, one is holding a leg, one is holding its tail, and the last man is holding on to its ear.

They each describe the elephant. You could say that each man is correct and yet, each man is incorrect! It is only with distance that the truth can be seen.

Lesson #2

Much shorter lesson. The only way to get ahead is to expand beyond the confines of a regular paycheck. You must separate time from income. In other words, you must be ‘invested’ in a vehicle that can earn money for you passively. This typically means earning income from a business or an investment.


Lesson #1 – You must have a broader view of your decisions to help guide your judgment allowing you to view the entire situation. Each week you will receive intuitive guidance that provides this distance and perspective.

Lesson #2 – When you create a vehicle that will allow you to generate cash by separating labor from your cash flow several things happen:

  • you gain relief from debt.
  • you feel the power of having control.
  • you build a bridge to own your freedom!

If you are online looking for an option to increase income what you are about to discover is a game-changer.

The Marketplace Has Changed

In case you are a newcomer to the online world 3 dramatic forces have changed the marketplace:

1) Economic – According to the Wall Street Journal the global pandemic caused 114 million people to lose their jobs over 2020. More than half of these jobs will not be recovered. And of the 100,000 businesses that were shut down, it is estimated that more than 50% will never reopen.

2) Social – The lockdown gave social media sites a spike in attention and revenue. Yet it also drastically increased costs for individuals looking to start advertising programs there. Forbes’s research found that influencer engagement rates dropped significantly from 2019 to 2020. And some marketers reported seeing a consistent downward trend in conversion rates last year. Investing in the wrong platforms can exhaust your budget, especially if you regularly use paid ads.

3) Technology – Thanks to Moores Law technology has gotten less expensive while computer capabilities are increasing. But the once bankable tools such as sales funnels and webinars are showing less engagement. As more consumers are becoming numb to their messages. 

A Breakthrough

Yes, increasing numbers of social media Influencers are losing their platforms and struggling with engagement numbers.

However, the good thing about research is that it lets you leverage the brainpower of scientists who spend lifetimes honing their craft.

And the newest research reveals what gets today’s online consumers to buy.

Traditional approaches to converting readers into customers are lulling them to sleep!

Even bonuses, discounts, and extra “stuff” only go so far.

With the help of PaidLetter.com successful Single Operated Newsletter creators are discovering breakthroughs.

The Old Assumptions:

– If you made a logical argument for why your product or service was better it would clinch the sale.

– When you hit the customer’s “hot button” (emotional trigger) that would do the trick if the logical approach didn’t.

– Then stick in a discount and higher conversions were guaranteed!

This is no longer the case!

And, unfortunately, 90% of the sales funnel that you skip over are employing these strategies.

The New Approach

Want to get several hundred subscribers to pay a modest $25 to $50 a month for your offering?

(Even on the low side $25/m x 200 subscribers is $60,000.00. And since you will start doing this on the side this is part-time income.)

What do you need to know to generate conversions to absolutely change your financial lifestyle? 


FaceLess Brand!

At first, the idea of a faceless brand may seem odd. In a day when everyone is plastering their face on social media, why would anyone take that path?

But following everyone else (building in public) leads to giving away content that everyone else simply copies. There is no differentiation or selling advantage.

Everyone is merely trying to please the crowd.

Worse yet, it leads to a 'freebie model' that destroys your branding and requires you to get sponsors.

You already purchase from an incredible number of faceless brands. (Think about your Amazon or Shopify purchases).

When this kind of power is at your disposal your whole marketing perspective shifts.

You do not want to depend on sponsors.

You want to earn income from subscribers.

The trick is determining what causes subscribers to open their wallets.

Our students now understand the many advantages of performing curation this way:

- Eliminates gender issues (sex, race, language barriers and ageism)
- Run more than one paid newsletter (tremendous cash flow)
- You have complete Privacy!

Some New Psychology You will Learn:

1) How to use defiance at the conflict decision point (where your customer decides if your offer is worth their hard-earned money).

2) The recently discovered 'alpha status' component of the brain that motivates purchases.

3) How to eliminate the tension zone that is in all sales offers (written or otherwise). 

You are about to leverage this innovative research and open new income streams that align with your passion.

When you press the "Continue" button below and get to the other side you will have the chance to change your financial status.

If you don't "get" the power of this vehicle's approach to enhancing your income and lifestyle quite frankly this may not be for you.

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