Single Operated Newsletter – Amazing Part-time Income and Freedom from Your Job?


There are lots of ways to MMO.

And if you are new to the whole making money online thing it’s confusing.

Many of our students who were new to the online space were feeling the same frustration.

For example, they are starting to realize that all of the people in those YouTube “skip” video ads have some digital product they are selling.

It doesn’t matter what they are pitching in the ad, it ultimately comes back to selling you some digital product.


Because the internet is hands down the greatest delivery system of digital products ever created!

There are many reasons to choose a digital product over a physical one

Despite what all of the offline real estate, Airbnb, laundromat, car wash, etc. pundits are saying nothing beats a digital product for income.

BTW – all of those folks pitching those offline businesses have a digital product in the background making the real money.


Let’s just say that you are willing to accept the premise that digital income is the way to go.

And that it’s the way to earn part-time income, without getting a second job, right now.

How do you start?

We advocate a single operated newsletter.

In fact, if you search the keyword phrase “single operated newsletter” you will see that our company (PaidLetter.Com) dominates the results.

It’s important to realize that because we have been able to do this on Google, and have done so for years, it represents hundreds of thousands of dollars in PPC volume!

But back to you.

You may be like many of our students and feel that you didn’t have anything to write about or even hated writing.

There are 2 secrets:

  1. The first secret here is that you don’t need to be the writer.
  2. The second secret, and the biggest, is that our Proprietary System will deliver subscribers for you.

Nothing is more horrible than working in a job that you don’t like (or hate).

Being stuck in a rut drains the energy out of you.

Worst yet, it can also kill your enthusiasm for life!

Here are your options to immediately change your finances like our students have:

1) Learn how it’s done.

2) Watch our video crash course.

3) See the Single Operated Newsletter our subscribers pay to read weekly.