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If You Think That You're No Expert and There's Nothing You Can Make Money From Online

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What our students discovered...

The online gurus are trying to get you to create a high-ticket course.

High-ticket courses (that sell for thousands of dollars) are pitched as the perfect method to earn income online.

However, courses come to an end (even this one).

The average person coming online to make money usually doesn't have thousands of dollars to invest.

(This is why they are online learning to make money).

The advantage of a paid newsletter is that you can help them for a longer time (subscription). And you can charge a reasonable fee.

Even at $47 a month, two hundred readers will yield you a six-figure income!

(Part-time while keeping your job).

When you lose a subscriber at this low price, it's not a problem because the system we will show you replaces them.

But when you lose a client that paid $2,000 dollars or more, it's a different story!

What is a Single Operated Newsletter?

A single operated newsletter is the new way that, individuals are creating financial independence.

Here's something that surprised us.

Most of the people who took the Fortune Training Course weren't trying to become entrepreneurs.

They weren't even looking to become business owners!

Most were simply looking to pay off some bills.

Some of the other things that they liked about this approach included NOT needing to do (or deal with) any of the following:

- Paid ads
- Being on camera
- Coaching
- Blogging
- Telephone selling
- Cold or “warm” emailing
- Physical products
- Webinars
- Live streams
- Supply chain issues

Many liked the fact that this money is created without taking on new debt.

When you Google the keyword single operated newsletter our company ( comes up first in organic search.


Because our readers (around the world) have been paying for our newsletters a long time. And in the process of doing their research, they have triggered Google's search engine algorithm lots of times.

A few more reasons they consider the training so valuable:

- They were able to get started quickly (in days).
- There weren't any phone calls to make.
- They didn't have to chase prospects.

Not Ready for the full Fortune Training Course Yet?

We get it!

Many of our readers weren't ready to invest a few hundred dollars for the Fortune Training Course at first either.

This is why we created this Video Crash Course overview.

After discovering the tremendous benefits of having their own S.O.N. (Single Operated Newsletter) they were ready to take the leap.

Advertising Is Expensive (and Confusing)

Yes, it's true.

Advertising costs are increasing every day.

Folks taking our course loved being able to leverage 100% Free traffic!

(But these aren't the same worn-out methods being taught everywhere else).

Many expressed this sentiment:

"...saving hundreds to thousands of dollars with Facebook, YouTube, and other social media advertising made it a no-brainer."

It Sure Beats Freelancing!

We know that many think it's the only way to earn side income. But there are some HUGE drawbacks:

Remember, with a S.O.N.

  • You never speak to your subscribers (let alone meet with them).
  • There is no feast or famine!
  • Your "Job Replacing System" is constantly adding subscribers so losing a few here and there is no concern.
  • Your ‘deliverables’ will be set on autopilot (which means passive income and free time for you).
  • You remove the dreaded “Freelance Cycle”!
  • There are no rush assignments!
  • You control the pace, tone, and product schedule.
  • At This Point, You May Be Asking: "Can I do this"?

    So you may be wondering: "Can I do this"?

    You may be overworked or have two jobs.

    Yet you still need additional income to meet expenses and personal goals.

    Perhaps you think that creating your own highly profitable single operated newsletter will be too hard.

    But here's a BIG secret.

    If you have ever posted anything online you have all the necessary technical skills.

    Plus, you won't need to do the actual writing yourself.

    Do you have something you are passionate about and would love to write about it?

    Then that's great. You can plug it into what you will learn in this video course and be on your way!


    ...maybe you don't have any clue as to what your S.O.N. would be about!

    Let's go even further and say:
    - you don't write (or hate writing)
    - hated English in school
    - struggle with grammar

    Good News!
    Here is the mind-liberating reality - none of that matters!

    Because you will learn an exact "Job Replacing System" that will go from finding subscribers to generating cash.

    Imagine freeing yourself from a job that you dislike. Or adding a new income stream to improve your existing lifestyle.

    Let's Look at Some Numbers...

    Here are some sample scenarios to give you an idea of what you could do:

    • SCENARIO #1 
      A weekly niche single operated newsletter.
      $29 dollars a month.
      100 monthly subscribers equal $2,900 a month.
      That's $34,800 a year!
    • SCENARIO #2
      A monthly niche single operated newsletter.
      $47 dollars a month.
      200 monthly subscribers equal $9,400 a month.
      That's $112,800 a year!
    • SCENARIO #3 
      An annual niche single operated newsletter.
      $97 dollars a year with one-thousand subscribers (who pay less than $10 a month).
      That's $97,000 a year!
    • Remember that this is part-time work. You still keep your job until the income lets you transition and quit!

    Our students were able to do this part-time. In as little as 10 hours a week (while still taking the weekend off).

    Scalable and Sellable!

    Once you get a subscriber base up and going you can scale it as large as you want.

    You can even sell the single operated newsletter and cash out.

    The other exciting benefit of the S.O.N. model is that it can be sold for many times what it earns you yearly.

    (And, depending upon the niche you choose that number can be very high).

    Start With ONE S.O.N.
    Students were surprised at how easy it was to get one side income stream started.

    They were able to quickly create life-changing income!

    Most were surprised by how much FUN they had working on it. They said it gave them something to look forward to each week.

    Learn Everything Needed for Your First Income Producing Paid Newsletter!

    Fortune Training Course

    The Single Operated Newsletter Video Crash Course is designed to get income flowing from your first project. It is a condensed overview of the 4-week PaidLetter Fortune Training Course. You will discover how to create a Single Operated Newsletter for a hot lucrative niche. And build your subscriber base with loyal subscribers eagerly looking forward to each new issue that you release. Only this course will let you access our Proprietary System which makes getting your first 200 subscribers a breeze. (200 x $47/m is a six-figure side income).  

    Single Operated Newsletter

    Our Single Operated Newsletter is the 'weekly coach' and go-to resource for paid newsletter creators, managers, and brokers. Learn the inside secrets that the pros are using. You also get the newest research that reveals what motivates today's online readers to subscribe! Plus, get your weekly dose of motivation and inspiration.

    Here it is: 
    The Single Operated Newsletter

    Video Crash Course!

    Our video training will take you through the basics of getting your single operated newsletter up and running (and generating income).

    Here are the areas your video training will cover:

    Finding the perfect S.O.N. idea for you!
    Researching profitable hot topics.
    How to get paid for your single operated newsletter.
    Leveraging the 'Freebie Model' without losing your shirt!
    The power of Content Curation
    The newest and easiest conversion strategies.

    And of course...
    How to save thousands of dollars using 100% free traffic!

    The Time & Effort Trap!

    Do You Believe...

    1) That you can only get paid through time and effort (trading time in the form of labor for money)?
    2) That you will give as little effort as you can each pay period to collect your check (because this means that "you win")?
    3)  That there is a maximum amount of money you can earn based on your education level?

    If any one of these is true for you...

    Get Ready to Change Your Financial Lifestyle! 

    What You Get
    You will get a glimpse of the powerful training that's in the full PaidLetter Fortune Training Course.

    Our students no longer fear the recession (or losing a job) and have created new income streams by learning: 

    - The kind of newsletter topics subscribers will pay to read.

    - Whether taking on sponsorship works for their niche.

    - The high-profit newsletter models that are killing it online.

    - The newsletter landing pages that work the best for immediate signups.

    - The low-tech systems and software to plug into (and which ones can be used for free).

    - The power of content creation. Your subscribers are inundated with tons of content. This is why they will pay for the quality content that saves them time online. (Now the most valuable asset!)

    - How to uniquely market your newsletter in 2023 and beyond. Avoid outdated methods (like screen shares) that yield little results. And without paid ads or phone calls!

    - Case study insights where you walk in the paid newsletter millionaires' shoes and discover exactly what they are doing.

    - When to launch and not launch a paid newsletter and how to do it step-by-step.

    - Years of profitable newsletter experience boiled down into concise instruction that lets you hit the ground running!


    - Inspiration to keep you motivated through the process.

    - The essentials of getting to the "money-making" without the fluff or filler.

    - A brand new lifestyle income stream that will get you excited and give you a new project to anticipate!

    - How to start your paid newsletter making thousands of dollars using FREE tools!

    - Our unique Proprietary System (not available anywhere else) that will explode the growth of your subscriber base.

    Experience A Life Denied!

    When was the last time you took a vacation?

    A real one where you're gone for weeks.

    Working a job for years can mechanize your emotions. You become used to clocking in and out and the rut of a routine.

    It's hard to imagine how out of touch you are with deeper feelings of joy and happiness.

    When you don't have enough money it tends to occupy every waking thought. All you can do is worry about it.

    One of the first things many of our students do once the money starts pouring in is to take a vacation!

    Discover what it's like to finally start living the life you want.

    This Discount Will Be Gone Soon!
    It may not be here the next time you visit this page. 

    (But even if you miss the discount it's still worth a thousand times the price).

    What Makes PaidLetter.Com Different
    Other newsletter platforms just give you the mechanics for sending a paid newsletter.

    But only PaidLetter.Com specializes in the psychology of converting readers into subscribers and will let you access our Proprietary System that makes getting your first 200 subscribers a breeze.

    Our students were relieved to discover that they didn't have to spend any time trying to sell on the telephone.

    Other programs give you a low upfront fee and then require you to spend hundreds of dollars per month on tools and software. We let you start earning thousands of dollars with FREE tools!

    Your S.O.N. SYSTEM will do the Lead Generation, Selling, and CLOSING in the exact same way!

    (Plus you are earning this new income without paying for ads or leads).

    You Can Only Get Our Proprietary Lead Generating System with PaidLetter.

    (It's NOT available anywhere else!)

    What Does It Cost?

    What is your freedom lifestyle truly worth?

    • What is it truly worth not to report to a boss or manager you can't stand each day?
    • How will it feel to wake up when you want instead of being a slave to your alarm?
    • How much is it costing you now not to earn the income you are worth?
    • What are the long-term health costs of spending hours each day in a stressful environment?
    • Aren't you tired of being undervalued and underappreciated?

    The Regular Price is

    Limited Time Offer - Your Discount Price is

    Start adding a new money source to your life for your Special Discounted Price.

    Click the "Add To Cart" button now before the price goes back up!

    You Can Get Started Immediately...
    When you click the "Add To Cart" button and watch the video training (which you can access now) you will get everything you need to start making money with your first S.O.N.

    Create Your Own Recession-Proof Income Stream!

    A popular former fitness guru and his lovely wife, (both with a combined net worth of 100 million plus) continue to emphasize the importance of at least 100 daily touches.

    This means reaching out to your target market.

    If you have an offer that is not getting traction it may require more touches.

    But you may dread the thought of making 100 phone calls, DMs, or emails daily.

    And you may not have the funds to pay someone else to do it yet.

    Learn how our Fortune Training Course students easily achieve this goal without:

    - DMs
    - Cold calling
    - Paid ads
    - Or webinars

    Stay Stuck?

    The 4-week PaidLetter Fortune Training Course is $497 dollars. 

    You may not be ready for that yet.

    We get it.

    Many of our students started with this Single Operated Newsletter Video Crash Course first. It gave them the essentials to start their S.O.N.

    Once they understood the value of our offering they took that next step.

    You may decide to leave this page, miss the discount, and stay stuck.

    But your life won't change. 

    You will still have stubborn bills, still report to a boss or manager that you dislike, and return to your "cycle of sameness".

    This also means that you miss out on an exciting accomplishment, a chance for that happier financially independent approach to a "new" life.

    You can learn how to generate up to 6 figures part-time as taught to our PaidLetter.Com students in less than an hour.

    The choice is yours. 

    Right this moment your chance to change is less than $20 bucks. (Yep, a one-time fee).

    (But the discount may not be here when you return).