A Peek Behind the Scenes – How We Do It

You may wonder how our Single Operated Newsletter converts readers into subscribers without paid advertising.

Okay, I’ll tell you in a second.

But let’s look at how some of the popular business models stack up against us:

There are a couple of online gurus who want to make coaching (via Zoom or in-person) sexy. But here are some pitfalls:

  • In the beginning, you can only book so many calls a day because it’s just you working one-on-one. You start to sound like a robot because you are saying the same things over and over and over again. Oh yeah, you also need to charge each client hundreds to thousands of dollars to make up for your time.
  • Telephone Calls. Sheesh! This is the hardest part of the coaching business. The horrible amount of time you spend on the phone chasing prospects! Yes, you don’t need to book the calls yourself. Or make the hundreds of daily calls that it takes. Maybe you use some hired-gun (high-pressure sales guy or gal). You should know that they tend to be impatient and leave if they are not making income quickly.
  • Clients tend to rely on you for results. Meaning they don’t want to do the work. This leads to burnout very quickly.

Digital Agency
This is largely an advertising model. You send clients leads and get paid per lead (or create a monthly fee).

There are several problems with this:

  • You are dependent upon the onboarding process the client has in place. (Like picking up the phone when it rings with the lead you sent).
  • Other agencies are offering the same ad services for less. Some will even offer it for free to sell the other products they offer on the backend. It’s hard to compete with them.
  • You must have a team that you can trust to place the ads. You also need them if you ever hope to scale by taking on other clients. This can be a very expensive (and frustrating) business model.

Training Courses
Courses are good because they give you leverage.

But after the course is created you need another one to make more money. Unless you have a back end.

  • The biggest problem with courses is “the race to the bottom”. Odds are that one of the major course sites has a similar program for less money.

Membership Programs
This model typically uses the Netflix approach. You put dozens of training courses behind a paywall that members can access for a fee each month.

One of the biggest drawbacks to memberships, besides needing tons of content, is the time spent in the membership community. There you will answer questions, deal with snarky comments, and patiently listen to complainers. These communities can be a major time waste.

Influencer Income
With this model, you develop a large following with the hope that you can get a sponsor.

You would then promote the sponsor’s product to your audience for a fee. But you should know that it takes a while to build a large tribe to sell the sponsor’s stuff. And your sponsors quickly move from client to boss. They will have rules, regulations, and watch over your shoulder. It can become an uncomfortable experience.

The Single Operated Newsletter Model

Turning readers into subscribers. How our simple process works:

  • Readers are taken to PaidLetter or Single Operated Newsletter sites with our proprietary system (and the articles we place online).
  • They opt-in to get the first week of the Single Operated Newsletter to discover what kind of content our subscribers are willing to part with their cash to receive.
  • A large percentage will now continue the Single Operated Newsletter subscription (during the discount period) and others will take the PaidLetter Fortune Training Course.

Now their Transformation Happens!

These individuals thought that they had to:
– Spend hours on social media sites.
– Spend thousands of dollars on paid advertising.
– Be publicly tied (and limited) to only one brand.

They realize that their money is being made without:

  • Making a single phone call (or speaking to anyone (EVER).
  • Trading time for money (like with coaching or consulting).
  • Putting themselves on camera for YouTube videos.
  • Having to be an expert to get paid through the magic of curation.
  • Charging clients (subscribers) ridiculous fees for their offering.
  • Being tied to one location. They have true remote work freedom.
  • Participating in the dreaded “race to the bottom” because the product they are creating is unique and for a specific audience. (This makes it immune to price comparisons and discounting (HUGE).

In addition to the money that they are making through their Single Operated Newsletter subscribers, they are also making Affiliate Commissions of between $200 to $500 dollars. What makes these commissions so impressive is that they are monthly (recurring).

The importance of Privacy!

This is the real secret to the success of our model.

Yes, there are tons of people online looking for fame and fortune. But it may shock you to discover the number of subscribers who want to create a digital product that gives them income with complete privacy!

(In other words, keep the fame they will settle for the fortune).

They have discovered how to make an income that is:

A) Profitable
B) Automated
C) Evergreen

Once they make this TRANSFORMATION they stay loyal and share what we offer to others!

If you want to take a closer look check out the first week of our Single Operated Newsletter here.