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Are you looking for Real Remote Work that doesn't involve Selling, Surveys, Phone Calls, or Fees? - Start in One Hour! 

PaidLetter.Com is the parent company of YourHappyClients.Com and CleanThatVirus.Com.

We are experiencing an increased demand for our services and need more workers.

This position offers excellent pay, and you get to set your schedule.

Degrees are NOT required.
This is remote work. We are not interested in degrees or credentials. Our one-page application process is easy to complete. We want individuals who are willing to do the work. Your income is based on performance!

Without Registration Fees.
There are no fees required to do this work. We pay you. You can start as soon as you complete the application. You will receive the application when you enter your email address on this page.

You will not be doing any selling, surveys, or telephone work. This is non-voice work.

You should have basic typing skills and access to the internet.

And you can do this work from anywhere.

Enter your email address below to receive the application.

Thank you in advance, and we look forward to having you on our Remote Work team.

Jeffrey Blake


P.S. - Note: the remote worker position is 100% FREE without any fees. It is separate from our referral business (AffiliateMuse.Comor our paid newsletter (PaidLetter.Com) which do require a fee.