Faceless Brand – The Benefit of Building a Faceless Brand

What is a Faceless Brand?

Faceless brands, or branding, are when a brand or company creates an income without showing its face. Many companies, YouTubers, bloggers, drop shippers, Instagram pages and more utilize a faceless brand to make money. 

Faceless brands are often used by those who wish to protect their privacy. An example of some prominent faceless brands includes Adidas, Visa, and American Airlines. Although these brands may have mascots, celebrity endorsements, and CEOs, there is no one common person that comes to mind when these brands are mentioned.

One of the paid newsletter strategies taught at PaidLetter involves using this model.

Unfortunately, some equate having a faceless brand with unethical behavior. This is not the case at all. The current challenges individuals face with gender inequality, racism, language barriers, and ageism make this approach practical.

When it comes to income generation the faceless branding strategy becomes even more potent.

At first, the idea of a faceless brand may seem odd. In a day when everyone is plastering their face on social media, why would anyone take that path?

But following everyone else (for example building in public) leads to giving away content that everyone else simply copies. There is no differentiation or selling advantage.

Everyone is merely trying to please the crowd.

Worse yet, it leads to a ‘freebie model’ that destroys your branding and requires you to get sponsors.

You already purchase from an incredible number of faceless brands. (Think about your Amazon or Shopify purchases).

When this kind of power is at your disposal your whole marketing perspective shifts.

You do not want to depend on sponsors.

Some sponsors can be as annoying as the boss at the job you left behind. And working with the wrong sponsors can tarnish your brand.

You want to earn income from loyal subscribers who love and look forward to the content that you provide.

The trick is determining what causes subscribers to open their wallets.

Our students understand the financial freedom that content curation can deliver. More importantly, they now enjoy the following advantages of faceless branding:

– Eliminates gender issues (sex, race, language barriers and ageism!)

– Run more than one paid newsletter (tremendous cash flow)

– You have complete Privacy!

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