Single Operated Newsletter – 3-2-1: James Clear’s newsletter

This free weekly newsletter provides actionable advice about habits, learning and productivity.

Clear, the best-selling author of Atomic Habits, offers succinct self-improvement tips based on books he read and his own work and research. It’s also a great example of how to weave storytelling into content marketing.

A Single Operated Newsletter is the perfect business to start if you don’t have employees or a brick-and-mortar location.

Your ability to reach almost anyone on the planet with a Single Operated Newsletter.

Despite all of the social media hype, more sales transactions are still being done via email. This makes a Single Operated Newsletter the best vehicle for your online wealth creation.

A Single Operated Newsletter is inexpensive to create.

A Single Operated Newsletter is easy to track.

You can create this business alone without needing a full-time staff or employees.

A Single Operated Newsletter lets you track your best customers and prospects, to focus on your marketing on them.

A Single Operated Newsletter can be set to run on auto-pilot giving you the ability to truly earn passive income.

Installing digital tools into your Single Operated Newsletter makes it a better resource for consumption and sales conversion.

It follows the CENTS model. The C.E.N.T.S. approach to entrepreneurship means:

C – Control – to create true financial freedom you must control the “product”.

E – Entry – or more properly put: “create a barrier to entry”. This is sometimes called a moat! In your case it will be the subscribers who eagerly purchase your newsletter.

N – Need – You must create the content that your readers will eagerly pay to access.

T – Time – You will have an income vehicle that allows you to separate your time from your money using automation.

S – Scale – Many physical product entrepreneurs are learning hard lessons about the complexity of importing, warehousing, and shipping. And the high costs associated with them. This is not an issue for you as a Single Operated Newsletter.

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