Single Operated Newsletter Best Paid Content

Our Fortune Training Course teaches students how to create a Single Operated Newsletter that can generate up to six-figures on the side.

When students take the course they quickly realize 3 things:

1) Paying for ads can take (and waste) a lot of money

2) You don’t need a following to earn income.

3) Earning money part-time is easier than they thought!

We use the term (and named the site) “PaidLetter” to refer to digital products that generate income. The primary model we advocate is a paid newsletter (paid letter).

Some of our students initially felt like a newsletter was boring.

That it just collected dust on a shelf.

Now they are seeing ‘the light’.

Recent changes in the social media landscape, including the pandemic, have led many to realize the financial power of paid newsletters.

Students now understand that a fortune can be made from paid newsletters with a modest monthly price ($10 to $50). But FTC reveals how certain curated content can demand amazing high-ticket price points!

The Single Operated Newsletter has become one of the hottest categories online. (It gets millions of searches each month).

Physical Products Nightmares

There is a well known online marketer who used to sell physical products (exotic teas) on Amazon FBA. But after years of dealing with “the race to the bottom” and shipping nightmares she saw the light. She now promotes a digital product.

Even social media celebrities are discovering the many benefits of the Single Operated Newsletter model.

Our System Converts Readers into Subscribers

You may be in the group that believes that people don’t like to pay a monthly fee (subscription) for anything!

Yet each month (and in some cases daily) people engage in the following “subscription” behavior:

– buy a cup of coffee

– get their hair styled (or cut)

– buy lunch

Now they are doing this on a subscription basis. Yet that thought never occurs to them.


Because they value the service or item mentioned above.

Single Operated Newsletter Model

FTC students learn that providing real value online is not any different.

The money readers will pay for curated content is modest compared to the value they are receiving.

A closely guarded secret is that the more money your paid newsletter makes your subscriber the longer they will stay!

Sure, many paid newsletter have nothing to do with money. 

But the ones that let our students walk away from jobs, and bosses, make their subscribers money.

What is your Single Operated Newsletter’s purpose?

You must be clear about what the content in your newsletter will provide and why it’s worth the money you’re asking for it. 

Your newsletter must contain “the product”. 

Meaning that the Single Operated Newsletter you are creating must be self-contained.

Our Proprietary System makes this whole process much easier (without using social media, Facebook, or YouTube). And you can only get this system from PaidLetter.

Your content must be relevant

Since you are running a Single Operated Newsletter you already know the demographics. But don’t get lazy. Your content must still be worthy of the price that readers are paying or they will unsubscribe.

What Makes PaidLetter.Com Different

Remember, other newsletter platforms give you the mechanics for sending out a paid newsletter. 

But only PaidLetter.Com specializes in the psychology of converting readers into subscribers and will let you access our Proprietary System that makes getting your first 200 subscribers a breeze. 

(And 200 subscribers paying only $50 a month is a six-figure income that you have made on the side). 


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