Single Operated Newsletter – Sell Me This Pen!


‘Sell me this pen:’ Want the real answer to The Wolf of Wall Street’s challenge?

Some play the verbal game of telling you how to convince customers to buy the pen.

They will tell you things like:

Make it about them. 
Do your research before reaching out. 
Build rapport first. 
Define your buyer. 
Contribute first, sell second. 
Ask questions, and listen. 
Be mindful of psychological quirks. 
Approach them on their level.

You’re driving West looking for a sunrise!

When you are dealing with a Single Operated Newsletter the world is different.

The first hurdle is you may have a perception that people won’t pay for a subscription.

Don’t think others will pay for your subscription?

Each month (and in some cases every day!) you engage in the following “subscription” behavior:

  • buy a cup of coffee
  • get your hair styled (or cut)
  • purchase a quick breakfast or lunch

Now the fact that you are doing this on a regular (subscription) basis never even crosses your mind!


Because you truly value the service or item mentioned above.

In most of these cases, the money you are paying for these services far exceeds the modest amount you will be getting for your Single Operated Newsletter offering.

You will learn that providing real value online isn’t different at all.

It’s even easier and much more lucrative. Remember, you are not dealing with physical products (brick and mortar) or the costs associated with them.

A Single Operated Newsletter will shift your perspective and teach you how to do the same for your subscribers.

But here is the game changer and the real value of a Single Operated Newsletter as your income model…

…you are simply providing subscribers with the information that they are already buying.

A Single Operated Newsletter is also the perfect business for anyone who is a bit camera shy since you never need to be in the limelight.

Instead, you will use highly profitable niches that ooze cash flow and create content that these readers (your subscribers) are aching to get their hands on.

You can see a good example of a Single Operated Newsletter here.

But with a Single Operated Newsletter, you amass a loyal subscriber base that pays a modest monthly fee and makes you rich!

Plus each client only pays a modest fee for your subscription service ($10 to $50 a month) which tackles the issue of attrition.

Another huge benefit of the Single Operated Newsletter model is that you are not dependent upon affiliate income you get to write your own ticket.