Single Operated Newsletter Versus Coaching or Consulting from Home…

Many of the webinars you are watching (perhaps 80%) have the primary goal of leading you to a one-on-one phone call. Which is usually trying to sell you a coaching program.

During the pandemic, many people who have lost jobs or are stuck at home are turning to the internet as an income option.

For many online newbies, coaching seems to be a viable solution.

But coaching has some obvious drawbacks (especially when compared to running a single operated newsletter).

Coaching Costs.
One of the trickiest aspects of becoming a coach is finding clients who can afford your services. The gurus teach that you can make thousands of dollars from one coaching client a month. But this is a difficult task during the pandemic with so much job loss and folks pinching pennies because of uncertainty.

Running a single operated newsletter allows you to offer in-demand digital services to clients who are only paying $20 to $50. The service that you are offering easily justifies the cost. And when you have even 500 subscribers (which our course shows you how to get) your income scales quickly.

Facebook Ads.
You are being sold on the value of Facebook ads for finding coaching clients. The truth is you need to be comfortable spending (and more likely losing) a minimum of $3,000 to begin the Facebook journey.

Our course teaches a proprietary method for acquiring clients without the need for social media at all.

Personal Matching.
You will spend much of your time as a coach with clients who have problems and personal conflicts. And you will need to become a chameleon with each client trying to match their temperament to get them onboard. This process can be physically and mentally exhausting.

With a single operated newsletter, you have already matched your offering with the subscriber who wants (and needs) it. There is no physical contact or even phone calls.

Standard of teaching.
Many coaches need to be accredited. The process of accreditation can become expensive.

You will largely be using a curation process to provide the information needed by your clients. Much like handing your subscribers a treasure map, they are only interested in results.

Time Drain.
Too little is said about the massive amount of time it takes to get prospects on the phone. The hours you can spend chasing prospects, before turning them into clients is maddening. And that’s before the hours spent on the phone with clients who are often unmotivated, or unwilling, to do the work required.

You eliminate all of these problems with a single operated newsletter as your income vehicle.

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