Flipped Lifestyle Reviews – What You Should Know About Shane and Jocelyn Sams

Kentucky schoolteachers Shane and Jocelyn Sams discovered the internet and changed their lives.

Inspired by Pat Flynn, the mild manner guru behind the Smart Passive Income podcast (and a host of other products) the sams starting an online membership.

They will honestly tell you that their success did not happen overnight, in fact, it took years.

The couple now runs three passive income sites:


…where they teach people how to earn money online.

Their podcasts and workshops are designed to help wanna-be entrepreneurs take the leap online and start a membership business.

Many listeners are so confused by the number of online opportunities that they are often frozen and confused unable to take action.

Membership sites take lots of work as they will openly admin on their podcast. Uploading courses, training workshops, and videos can seem like a full-time job.

But most of the listeners can only attempt something like this on the side.

Here is an online approach that doesn’t require you to build websites, community forums, or training videos.

Discover a business without

  • creating websites
  • being on camera
  • shipping products
  • setting up a channel
  • writing a book
  • starting a blog
  • selling on sites
  • taking surveys
  • freelancing
  • downloading apps
  • podcasting
  • driving strangers around

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