Single Operated Newsletter – Start A Business Without An Original Idea?

Start A Business Without An Original Idea? Heresy You Say? Maybe Not

The Problem
Okay, that’s it. Your boss is an idiot and you’ve had enough! You are finally ready to strike out on your own.

You are convinced that anyone can run a business better than him (her). Now you are finally ready to give it a shot.

But here’s the problem. When you thumb through the trend and business magazines you realize that you don’t have “that thing.”

You know, that amazing idea for some catchy new product, gadget, or service. Nothing has hit you. Does this mean that you are destined to continue to work in a place that you hate and struggle in silence?

Unique Product or Service
The running joke in business circles is that you can spot the ‘business pioneer’ because he has an arrow in the back.

This, of course, is the reference to the early American settlers that charted paths across the Wild West in hopes of finding gold.

But do you really need a brand new business idea to find success?

The Promise of Success
Burger King did not invent a fast food restaurant. They looked at the success of McDonald’s and emulated it.

They made some tweaks, innovated a little, and…VOILA!

Burger King lets McDonald’s do the heavy research, and customer traffic analysis. Then they simply set up shop across the street.

Customer survey polls for local and small business finds them wanting better service. That’s why you can not only find success but own the market if you are just 10% better than the competition.

Sometimes you don’t even need to be too much better, just different. Remember, you can’t buy onion rings at McDonald’s but you can at Burger King.

Discover a business without

  • creating websites
  • being on camera
  • shipping products
  • setting up a channel
  • writing a book
  • starting a blog
  • selling on sites
  • taking surveys
  • freelancing
  • downloading apps
  • podcasting
  • driving strangers around

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