How to Make Money Online – The REAL Truth That No One Wants to Tell You

Are you noticing a distinct change in how online marketing is being done? Here’s why…

You know I thought long and hard about writing this article.

This article will be short because it won’t take long to get to the point.

The real money online is being made from advertising.

And obvious truth you say?

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The YouTube Truth
You know all of those high-ranking videos on YouTube are being supported by advertising.

But it goes even deeper.

It really doesn’t matter what the actual video is talking about (teaching or demonstrating). The money is being made by:

A) Google (who owns YouTube).

B) “Owner” of the YouTube channel.

I put the word owner in quotation marks because the big G can remove that channel anytime it wants. (As many social media influencers can attest to).

Regular People Popping Up on YouTube
One of the saddest trends is that regular folks have been convinced to make these YouTube videos to promote their product. Usually, it’s some kind of course.

The sad truth here is that they are being used. The channel that you are watching the video on is getting paid for ‘hosting’ their ad there.

Again, it’s advertising.

This is why the person in the video you will rarely see in a couple of weeks.


Because they’re gone! The advertising is so expensive that they blew their money and are on to the next thing.

Would you like to be on the ‘inside’ for a change and make money online with the only method that truly works?

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