Paid Newsletter – This is Why Readers Will Buy Your Paid Content

Thinking about exploring ways to earn a living online without selling physical products?

The term PaidLetter as we use it, refers to digital products, like newsletters, that your consumers and subscribers want. Many who tried the physical product route realize now that it’s a grind. So many things can go wrong! (Poor quality, refunds, late shipments, race to the bottom).

Digital products can’t be held, tasted, or touched, but everyone consumes them—from music to videos, ebooks to online courses, and more.

We like the paid newsletter model because it is scheduled and paid for in advance. And unlike other models (coaching, memberships, etc.) it doesn’t tie up your time and gives you passive income.

Yes, there is more free content online than you can read in a lifetime. But that’s a big part of the problem.

Here are a few reasons that your readers would want your curated paid content:

Advertising– Your readers are sick and tired of popups, retargeting, and even video advertising. They want their specific content without jumping over hurdles to get it.

Time – Your readers are busy! They want to get in and out. They want precise content that they can use immediately.

Quality – The curated content that you provide them has to be top-notched. It should also be unique enough that it would be difficult for them to get it elsewhere.

Income – You can ignore anything said to the contrary. Your most lucrative paid content will show your readers how to increase their income. And the more income they can earn the more you can charge. Period!

You already know the benefits of earning income with digital products but here’s a refresher:

  • Lowest overhead costs.
  • Can be accessed globally.
  • Profit margins are irresistible.
  • Delivered immediately!
  • Never out of stock.
  • Unlimited product types.
  • Easy to manage, sell, and deliver.

You only have to make the digital product once. After it has been released you can enjoy your cash flow. You can scale easily without any logistics around increasing production. And the income they will provide allows you to live anywhere in the world!

Ready for the new freedom and sense of fulfillment had from your own digital product?