Single Operated Newsletter – Curse of The Freelancer

Often new freelancers get stuck on the idea of ‘freedom’ of working for yourself and coming and going as they please.

There’s no boss to answer to.

But there are some significant disadvantages:

  • Your cash flow may be inconsistent.
  • You are constantly looking for new work.
  • Once you get new work you are busy servicing that work until it dries up (feast or famine)
  • There’s no paid time off.
  • No company-sponsored health benefits, 401(k), etc.
  • You are almost forced to work relentless hours.

Now consider the benefits of a Single Operated Newsletter

  • You have a client base of hundreds to thousands of subscribers
  • Each month starts with money in your bank account
  • You have “marketing devices” in place to continue to funnel new income.
  • You can take time off whenever you want.
  • You can afford health benefits because of your increased cash flow.

To top it all off you have even more freedom to take time off and you are not tied to surviving on only a handful of clients.

Plus each client only pays a modest fee for your subscription service ($10 to $50 a month) which tackles the issue of attrition.

Think you might want to learn how to run a Single Operated Newsletter (or maybe add one to your existing freelance business)?

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