Single Operated Newsletter – Turn Your Audience Into A Career

Unlike traditional influencer-styled marketing seen on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram the Single Operated Newsletter approach is different.

It’s also perfect for anyone who is a bit camera shy since you never need to be in the limelight.

Instead, you will use highly profitable niches that ooze cash flow and create content that these readers (your subscribers) are aching to get their hands on.

Traditional influencer marketing is usually dependent upon occasional or infrequent product sales.

But with a Single Operated Newsletter, you amass a loyal subscriber base that pays a modest monthly fee and makes you rich!

Plus each client only pays a modest fee for your subscription service ($10 to $50 a month) which tackles the issue of attrition.

Influencers are often depending upon deals that require clients to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars. Plus it takes quite a bit of traffic to bring in a decent amount of revenue with their model.

Because you are not dependent upon affiliate income you get to write your own ticket!

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