Single Operated Newsletter – The New World

There is a great line in The Matrix where Neo, upon awakening onboard the Nebuchadnezzar, asks Morpheus:

“Why do my eyes hurt?”

Morpheus replies:

“Because you’ve never used them before.”

Those of us awakening in this global pandemic are realizing that our world will never be the same.

Then what will that mean for business owners?

More properly asked: “What will it mean for online marketers?”

You must understand the intrinsic value of what you are offering. And learn what new products and services you should offer.

The global pandemic has exacerbated all of the insecurities and negative feelings that we buried deep within us as a child.

You will need to address these issues with your product or service?

“What are you saying M.T. that my product needs to tap into what my clients lost as children?”

In a word: “Yes”.

Why does someone buy a Ferrari when a Honda Civic will perform the same task?

That task is what takes you from point A to point B.

Why do some ladies purchase $42,000.00 Birkin handbags (from Hermes) when a Walmart bag performs the same function?

Madison Avenue Admen have used these principles since the 1950s to sell the most luxurious brands on the planet.

This pandemic has made understanding these strategies more crucial than ever before.

In “The Paidletter Fortune Training Course” these secrets are revealed.

Like the single most important concept on which your product must hinge to open the floodgates to sales.

(Yes, even today (and beyond)

And with them, you will discover how to create your PaidLetter promotions that will take you, as a solo entrepreneur, to a 6 to 7 figure business.

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