Single Operated Newsletter – The Peace of Mind Subscription Model

The Peace of Mind Subscription Model offers insurance premium to something your customers hope they will never experience. With this model, your business can provide a ‘peace of mind’ as your customers know they have signed up for being ‘covered’ in case of an unexpected event.

Often ‘peace of mind’ can be delivered to subscribers looking for warranty information, additional resources, or tools that can help them maximize their results.

Enter the Single Operated Newsletter
You may be familiar with the typical advantages of a Single Operated Newsletter:

  1. It’s cost-efficient, you can create, produce, and send a high quantity with minimal investment. (It can even be done anonymously).
  2. Your digital newsletter is delivered instantly, allowing you to be precise on timing you can even schedule these deliveries to allow for vacation time or travel.
  3. You can create instant revenue with offers contained in your digital newsletter.

But what many new Single Operated Newsletter creators may not be aware of is the immense income bump available from paying referring subscribers!

Many online businesses ask for hundreds to thousands of dollars from their customers.

In these Pademic times, folks are watching their wallets.

Your Single Operated Newsletter can, with a modest fee of only $10 to $49 a month, deliver a lifestyle-changing 6 figure income.

However, when you are willing to share your bounty the numbers escalate very quickly.

A $25/month Single Operated Newsletter with only 200 subscribers is $60,000.00 dollars.
($25 x 200 = $5,000 x 12 = $60,000 a year – remember you are doing this on a part-time basis initially).

If only 20 of those existing subscribers refer one new reader you have given yourself a 6,000 dollar raise!

Your readers will love the idea of sharing this curated product with others because friends have similar interests.

So what happens when these new referred subscribers learn that they can also be compensated for doing likewise?

I think you may be starting to see the financial impact of this new approach to lifestyle creation.

Because of its versatility, you can reach prospects and customers while giving them valuable content. You can even include tools and resources that subscribers come to depend on.

When you give your subscribers the ability to earn income for your digital newsletter watch as your subscriber base, and income, move off the charts. (Learn more at

Here are the 3 Keys to New Online Wealth

1- Create a following. But you can do it without becoming a social media Influencer. (It can even be done anonymously).

2- Create the content on your platform. Today this is more important than ever before. It must be a platform that you control (that eliminates YouTube, Facebook, and yes, even Instagram).

3- Create a payment button. Make sure that you are paid directly for the content that you provide.

Using content curation with a Single Operated Newsletter gives you the flexibility to create new product offerings in an instant. Because you are leveraging a large base of subscribers higher prices are not your concern.

Curating content from high-quality sources helps increase credibility and exposure in your industry. Unlike sharing generic content, a thought leader focuses on sharing content that is of high relevance and value.

The Single Operated Newsletter is one of the hottest categories online. Home-based entrepreneurs who wasted money trying to ship physical products or a YouTube celebrity are discovering the many benefits of the Single Operated Newsletter model.

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