What is paper trading? How to do it for Free…

Stock marker simulators let you fake invest without using real money.

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Simulated stock trading

What if there was a way to ‘practice’ investing in stocks without losing your money?

There is it’s called Paper Trading (or Simulated stock trading ).

Paper trading is a stock-trading simulation that doesn’t involve real money. Paper trading allows you to test different investing strategies without risking your cash.

You don’t need a license or any special training to paper trade. And it will give you a good sense of how stocks rise and fall.

Many of these paper trading platforms become a good education in investing.

Some also offer:

  • library of articles,
  • tutorials,
  • demos
  • an online community

This is a good way to learn the ups and downs of stock and to build a practice portfolio.

It’s completely safe because you are not using real money and many let you use the platform for free.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using these platforms is that they teach you to leave your emotions out of investing.

As billionaire investor Warren Buffett says:

“You don’t want to be a no-emotion person in all of your life, but you definitely want to be a no-emotion person when making an investment or business decision.”

A few of the popular paper trading apps (or Stock marker simulators) include:

Interactive Brokers

Paper trading can be helpful whether you’re a beginner interested in learning to trade investments—e.g., a few stock shares or an exchange-traded fund (ETF)—or a more experienced investor eager to test advanced options strategies. Either way, paper trading lets you practice the mechanics of placing trades, test your trading ideas, and learn how to use the platform effectively.

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