New to PaidLetter? Don’t Confuse it with Freelance Writing (or Copywriting)

PaidLetter Approach Versus Freelance Writing (or Copywriting)
You may be tempted to confuse our PaidLetter process with freelance writing – big mistake…

Before new students climb onboard they often ask the question that sounds like this:

“Isn’t PaidLetter just freelance writing or copywriting?”

The answer to that is a big fat “NO!

First, let’s look at some of the drawbacks of having clients and freelance writing/copywriting. (Most of this applies to any freelance service you might offer).

1) Peaks and valleys
Also known as feast or famine! You are constantly searching for new clients as a freelance writer. It’s a constant grind to find that next client and go through the freelance cycle (more in a second) all over again.

2) The Treadmill
Your time is consumed constantly writing! Since you are always looking for a new client this usually means a new industry. The process can cause project research time to monopolize your time.

3) The Freelance Cycle
Read it and weep. The unavoidable client project delivery cycle becomes the bane of your existence:

  • Find that new client.
  • Spend time wooing said client (on social, phone, or IRL).
  • Present work proposal (SOW)
    Task action points
  • Do the work or provide the service
  • Work on the revisions (often many)
  • Deal with scope creep. Where the client tries to squeeze you for more than agreed upon (or pay less for the work).
  • Deal with client attitudes (which can often be worst than having a boss).
  • Rinse and repeat!

(Wait a minute did I neglect to mention the rush assignments?)

Compared That to the PaidLetter Approach

  • You tap into a lucrative niche.
  • You provide profitable data and information.
  • Clients (subscribers) earn money from your input. This makes them love you!


  • You never speak to your subscribers (let alone meet with them)
  • There is no feast or famine.
  • You are constantly adding subscribers so losing a few here and there is no concern.
  • Your ‘deliverables’ will be set on autopilot (which means passive income and free time for you).
  • You remove the dreaded “Freelance Cycle”!
  • There are no rush assignments! You control the pace, tone, and product schedule.

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